Elephant's Trunk

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The pachyderm packing game that's fun for all the family!

Emmet the elephant is late for a trip and needs your help packing! Take turns rolling the die and placing a piece of clothing into the matching coloured trunk. But watch out for the sneaky mouse who will try to dump out everything you just packed! Be the first to pack up all of Emmet's clothes and he might just take you with him on holiday!

As you help Emmet pack his trunk, you'll reinforce valuable early learning skills, such as colour identification, pattern recognition, and fine motor development. Also, with every roll of the die, you'll get a little taste of the anticipation you feel before leaving on holiday. Will you get a colour and be able to pack your trunks, or will that pesky mouse mess up your plans? Bon Voyage!

Why we love it

  • A simple and charming game, ideal for rainy days and holidays
  • Develops colour and object recognition, supports fine motor skills
  • Multi-award winning game, including Dr Toy's Best Vacation Product
Number of players:
2 - 4 Players
Age Range: