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Hello! I'm Polli Junior!

Children often have fears, troubles and woes and don't always tell their parents about them. Psychologists and teachers recommend Worry Eaters as a waste bin for problems. Children simply write or draw their troubles and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater. Not that this solves all the problems straight away! the idea is that when a parent or carer finds the note or drawing, they can talk to their children about them. What's more, Worry Eaters are nice and cuddly in both good times and bad and not just for children. Based on Gerd Hahn's animation.

Sorgenfresser are also brilliant for eating nightmares - but don't forget to supplement their diet with plenty of cuddles!

  • Why we love them
  • Sorgenfresser give comfort and reassurance
  • GOLD Medal Winner - Best Soft Toy - Independent Toy Awards 2013
  • SILVER medal winner - Best Soft Toy - Loved By Parents Awards 2013
  • We've all got one and we're grown ups!
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Official Teaser Sorgenfresser / Worry Eater