Skunk Bingo


Line up for this game of log jammin fun!

Spin the spinner and it will tell you how many animals you need to put into the log (or maybe you need to put a skunk in!). If any pop out the other side, add them to your board, but if the skunk pops out all the creatures run away saying 'PHEW! Be the first to fill your board and enjoy the sweet smell of victory!

There's something magical about the elements of anticipation and surprise in games. That's one of the main reasons that Skunk Bingo works so well on many levels. We loved watching the expressions on our testers' faces when the animals particularly the skunk - pop out of the log. As you play you'll find that, in addition to reinforcing basic game playing skills such as turn taking and matching, this game offers an opportunity to teach young players a little about probability and planning. Before you place a creature into the log, look at your board and choose only those that you need!

Why we love this

  • We never miss an opportunity to ham it up when the skunk pops out - PHEW!!!
  • It also improves fine motor skills as children place the animals into the log
  • Plenty of teaching opportunities
Number of players:
2 - 4 players
Age Range: