CUSTOMER CRITERIA | Issued 1 November 2022


Thank you for your enquiry into opening an account with Esdevium Games Limited operating through each of its trading divisions: Asmodee United Kingdom (“Asmodee UK”) and Coiledspring Games (“Coiledspring Games”).  We are Europe’s biggest, best stocked distributor for board games, trading card games and hobby product.  With dedicated and knowledgeable staff, our aim is to both support and grow our customers’ businesses.

This document sets out the criteria to become, and remain, a customer of each of Asmodee UK and Coiledspring Games. If you have any queries relating to your ability to fulfil the criteria or any other questions about trading with us, please contact us via email address: or


1. Trading Criteria

To qualify as one of our accounts you must: (a) be VAT registered and (b) agree to comply with our Terms and Condition of Sale (as updated from time to time) and (c) fulfil one or both of the two key trading criteria of owning or running a bricks and mortar store (see 1.1 below) and/or be own or run your own independent web store (see 1.2 below).

You can of course trade through other standard means (for example trade events and convention, mail order, warehouse trade counter and third-party retail sites such as Amazon and eBay) but to be a customer of Asmodee UK or Coiledspring Games all of the goods you purchase from us must also be available for sale through your bricks and mortar store and/or be listed on your own independent web store (as applicable).  Some third party games publishers may be entitled to enforce further eligibility criteria or restrictions on where and how their products are sold by you, but this shall be made clear to you prior to purchase.

You are responsible for ensuring that your store and/or web store is compliant with applicable laws, regulations and government policies including those relating to data privacy, health and safety, anti-slavery, ecommerce and consumer protection and also ensuring that none of your activities could damage the reputation or goodwill of Esdevium Games Limited (or of any of its affiliates).

1.1   Own or run a ‘Bricks and Mortar’ store

Q: What is a bricks and mortar store?   A: A bricks and mortar store is an account with us that has a fully operational retail premises that members of the public can enter and buy stock from during usual retail hours (understood to be Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00 and Sun 10:00 to 16:00).

Bricks and mortar stores are essential to the games industry as they allow a space for players to game, discuss and participate in organised play – please ask an account handler for details of organised play opportunities.

Following your application to become a customer of Asmodee UK and/or Coiledspring Games, we will need to verify that your location is a retail store – usually by checking your website, social media, Google maps or other online sources.  If this information is not obvious online, we may ask you to conduct a video call with an account handler and/or for you to send us details of your opening hours and images such as: your store front with appropriate signage, your shop floor (as an overview), your till area, and your sales area (where you intend to display stock).

Please ensure that no images (or other personal details) of customers are included in the images and that you have permission from any members of staff that may be included in the images.

1.2   Own or run a fully functioning independent web store

Q: What do we mean by ‘independent’?  A: We require your web store to be hosted on its own dedicated website or webpage.  “Independent” can include web pages hosted on third party store builder platforms such as Shopify and Wix, but not solely product listings or a seller account on a third party retail site such as Amazon and eBay.   

Following your application to become a customer of Asmodee UK and/or Coiledspring Games, we will need to verify that your web store is fully functioning and suitable for distance selling within the UK.  If your web store is not yet live, please provide us with backdoor access and/or screenshots so that we can review your site.  We may also ask you to conduct a video call with an account handler to provide an online tour of your web store.

We require you to ensure that the following information is easily accessible from your web store home page:

  • Your official business name, your company registration number and registered address (if applicable) and a UK or Irish postal contact address that you are happy to be made public;
  • A customer service phone number and/or regularly monitored email address; and
  • Clear, precise and legally enforceable terms and conditions of sale and/or policies explaining:
    • any requirements for consumers to use your website and/or create an account, together with any rights you have to refuse supply and/or suspend or cancel a consumer account
    • supply terms including delivery arrangements, shipping costs, how long goods will take to arrive and whether you will bear the costs for delayed/lost/misrouted consumer orders
    • return and refund terms including the consumers’ rights to cancel or amend any order before / after it has been dispatched by you and who bears the costs of goods return
    • warranties for services and products together with any indemnities and limitations of liability
    • data protection policies including use of cookies and use of consumer personal data for provision of services and communications.

2. Account Set up Process
Following your application, we may conduct a range of further due diligence checks, including use of credit reference agencies to undertake a credit check.  You agree to promptly provide us with any financial and commercial information reasonably required to conduct these checks and/or agree credit terms. We reserve the right at any time to cancel or amend credit terms previously granted. We may also share your data with our affiliates

Once your account with Asmodee UK and/or Coiledspring Games has been approved and set up, you shall be able to place orders with the relevant trading division, but it remains in our absolute discretion whether to accept or reject such orders.   All orders shall be placed on the basis of our combined Terms and Conditions of Sale (as updated from time to time).

We will from time to time check that you are continuing to meet our customer criteria and that the stock you buy from us is available to buy from your bricks and mortar store and/or your own independent web store (as applicable).  You agree to promptly provide us with any information reasonably required to conduct these checks. If we can’t conduct these checks or otherwise have cause for concern, we may impose a requirement that our stock is suitably available and/or listed before we supply you any further goods.

We invite you to ask your Asmodee UK or Coiledspring Games account handler for more details of how to work with us including details of discounts, rebates, reward scheme opportunities and organised play opportunities (for which further qualifying criteria may apply).