What is your role in the Coiledspring Games team?

I’m very lucky in that I think I have found my dream role here at Coiledspring: I account manage some of our larger accounts and I am also team leader to our office based sales team. I love the diversity that I could be meeting customers or on a store visit one day and working on process improvement with the team the next to ensure we give all our customers the best level of service we possibly can.

Which of our games have you won during Friday lunchtime games?

I’m not competitive at all…but I have won Quacks of Quedlinburg quite a few times now… I also love Ligretto, however someone in the office is still the reigning champion on that one.

Tell us something that not many people know about you.

I own in excess of 50 cookery books and love nothing better than spending my weekends cooking amazing food from all around the globe. Most recently I spent six hours cooking a lasagne which, in my opinion, was as good as the one I had in Rome!