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12 Gangsters Blue Orange Board Game12 Gangsters Blue Orange Board Game

12 Gangsters

Your 12 gangsters must participate in 12 heists in order to prove themselves to the Boss.

Your gangster cannot steal more money than the Boss! It is up to you to send out the right gangster at the right time. The more money your gangsters collect, the happier the Boss will be…

What’s in the box?

  • Boss token
  • 72 gangster cards

How to play:

All the players, including the Boss, choose a gangster to play from those in their hand. Players then reveal their chosen gangsters by placing their cards down on the table, face up, at the same time. All the gangsters are compared with the gangster chosen by the Boss. Three outcomes are possible:

  • Your gangster has chosen to steal less than the Boss’ and so the heist is successful. Place your gangster card face up in front of you.
  • Your gangster wants to steal more than the Boss’, they are stopped. Place your gangster card face down in front of you.
  • Your gangster wants to steal the same amount as the Boss’ gangster and is successful. Place your gangster card face up in front of you. Consequently, the Boss’ gangster doesn’t manage to steal any money. The Boss must place their gangster face down in front of them.

The gangsters chosen by the Boss always manage to steal money EXCEPT when another player’s gangster tries to steal the same amount. The Boss token is passed to the next player in a clockwise direction and the next round starts.

The game ends at the end of the 12th round (or 10th for 5 players) when all your gangsters have participated in a heist. Add together the total money won from your heists (all face up cards): the player with the most money wins!


12 Gangsters reinforces social play, problem solving and maths skills.

animix park blue orange card gameOut of stock

Animix Park

Welcome to Animix Park! Try to score the most points by keeping the right mix of animals. Each type of animal scores points differently, so plan ahead to make sure the cards you keep and the cards you play are the perfect mix to win the game!

What’s in the box?

  • 80 animal cards
  • 30 mountain tokens

How to play:

Score the most points by playing the best mix of animals.

The last player to have petted an animal starts. Players take turns in a clockwise direction. On your turn, you complete one of two actions:

  • Choose an animal from the cards in your hand and place it face down in front of you. At any time, you can look at the cards that you have placed.
  • Take an animal card from the grid and place it face down in front of you. You must then choose an animal from the cards in your hand to place, face up, in the space left by the animal you just took. Place a mountain token from the pile on top of the animal that you moved to the grid. This token locks the animal in so it can no longer be taken.

The game ends when all players have no cards left in their hands. All the cards which are face down in front of a player are flipped face up. For every species, the player with the largest number of animals in that species wins the corresponding points.

Bellum Magica

Being bad never felt so good. As an evil overlord, recruit a host of creatures to your kingdom – from simple goblins to terrifying dragons – and assign them roles. Some will gather resources and explore the surrounding area, while others will join your army to attack the human kingdom!

Collect treasure and become the richest, most powerful evil overlord of all time!

What’s in the box?

  • Five castle boards
  • 25 place cards
  • 76 creature cards
  • 50 treasure chest tokens
  • One bonus token reserve
  • 45 bonus tokens
  • One resource token reserve
  • 60 resource tokens
  • One dice

How to play:

The game is played in successive turns, with each turn representing one day. A day is made up of several events that must be carried out in the following order:

  1. Choose an active horde – the captain rolls the dice to decide which horde will work today.
  2. Gather resources – each evil lord takes food and glyphs collected by their castle’s active horde from the reserve.
  3. Call back scouts – each player counts the treasure cards brought back by their castle’s active horde. The player with the most treasure cards immediately wins a metal chest.
  4. Attack – each player can either attack the human kingdom OR attack another player’s castle to win potential spoils.
  5. Recruit creatures – each player can recruit creatures by spending their food and glyphs.

If a player has 10 or more chests after the attacking phase then the game is over. Add up the treasures and the richest player wins the game!

Block Ness

The Block Ness monsters are finally sticking their heads out of the water… but it looks like the lake isn’t big enough for everyone! Will you win the title of Monster of the Year and the privilege of being photographed by tourists?

What’s in the box?

  • One board
  • Four different coloured monsters made up of 12 segments each (one head, 10 body segments, one tail)

How to play:

The aim of the game is to place as many monster segments as possible on the loch board to make your monster the longest.

Monster segments can only be placed either horizontally or vertically – NOT diagonally.

Each player chooses a segment from their reserve and uses this to make their monster longer according to the following rules:

  • Each new segment should be placed on a space that is adjacent to the monster’s head or tail. The other side of the segment must sit on a free space
  • A player can place a segment that crosses over their own head or tail as long as they move their head or tail to the new segment during their turn
  • If they are able, a player can directly cross another segment of theirs
  • A player can cross over one or more of their opponents’ segments
  • A player cannot place their segment under another segment, including one of their own, even partially
  • Monsters cannot cross over an opponents’ head or tail
  • A player may not cross over a segment that is the same height as the one they are placing
  • When a player cannot place a segment on the loch, they are blocked and skip their turn

The game ends when all the players are blocked, or everyone has placed all their segments on the loch. The player with the least segments remaining wins the game!


Blockness has an extra game mode which allows players to play solo, using a companion game app.

Bubble Stories board game boxBubble stories board game stack

Bubble Stories

Step into the bubbling world of amazing stories, where you are the hero!

Explore worlds card after card, all the different places you can visit! Enjoy each location along the way, collect the star cards and discover magical things that are hidden at the end of each adventure. But make sure you watch out for dead ends!

What’s in the box?

  • 72 cards – divided into four different packets. Each packet is one adventure.
    • Six green cards – learn to play
    • 20 orange cards
    • 22 purple cards
    • 24 blue cards
    • In each packet, there are several Star, Dead End and Character cards – there are different quantities in each adventure packet

How to play:

Your goal: to find all the star cards shown on the objective card for the adventure you are playing.

Each adventure you take part in, choose the places you want to explore! Take the card the corresponds to a bubble, carefully examine each image, and gather all the star cards together to reach your objective.

Choose the packet of cards with the adventure you want to take part in.

Place the objective card (star) face down without looking. Spread all the other cards out bubble side up. Turn the starting card over, image side up and carefully examine the different places you can visit. Each place is unique and indicated by a clear bubble.

Once you choose the area you want to explore, take the card with the matching bubble and turn it over in front of you, this will reveal more places you can visit! As you explore, try to visit all the right places to find all the star cards shown on the objective cards.

If you come across a card with a red square, that is a dead-end card – there is nothing to find here! Try to avoid these if you can.

Your adventure ends when you have found all the star cards shown on the objective card.


Bubble stories can be played solo. There are plenty of different adventures and you can re-do each adventure from the start, as many times as you want!

colour flush game box

Color Flush

It’s a full colour rush with Color Flush! Be the first to have a full hand of the same colour cards. It sounds easy, but the cards are double sided, and you can only see one side at a time. What a colour conundrum!

What’s in the box?

  • 50 cards
Dr Eureka game box

Dr. Eureka

The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete!

Mix your molecules from tube to tube without touching them, to match the scientific formula. Move your molecules faster than your competitors to prove you are the smartest scientist in the lab!

What’s in the box?

  • 12 test tubes
  • 24 balls (8 red, 8 purple, 8 green)
  • 54 challenge cards

How to play:

It’s madness in the lab! Take on the role of one of Dr. Eureka’s apprentice scientists, and race to be the first to create the correct combination of balls in the order shown on the challenge card.

You’ll start with three tubes, each with two balls of the same colour. Shuffle the challenge cards and then reveal the top card. All scientists play at the same time!

Race to recreate the pattern. To do this you’ll transfer the balls from one tube to the other, without touching the balls with your hands or letting them fall from the tubes. Shout Dr. Eureka when you think you’ve got it!

The first one to collect 5 cards wins!


Dr. Eureka reinforces fine motor skills, focus and attention, problem solving, processing speed and visual perception/pattern recognition.

Dragomino Blue Orange Children's Board GameDragomino Blue Orange Children's Board Game


The Kingdomino family is expanding with the award-winning Dragomino – a version for children! Explore Dragomino’s land to find the precious Dragon Eggs!

Your big moment has arrived. As an up-and-coming dragon trainer, you have the chance to travel to a mysterious island and build an elite group of dragons. But you are not the only one sent there…

Discover the most dragons to become the greatest dragon trainer in Dragomino!

Winner of the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2021 – Children’s Game of the Year 2021!

What’s in the box?

  • Four starting dominos
  • Mummy dragon piece
  • 28 exploration dominos
  • 69 egg tokens

How to play:

On your turn, you must do the following in order:

  1. Visit places: choose one of the available dominoes on the table.
  2. Show your discoveries: place this new domino next to your starting domino so that they touch on at least one side. Your exploration zone now includes the new domino. Once the domino has been put down, new connections are created. For every domino square touching another square, if the landscapes are the same type, take a corresponding egg token for that landscape and see what is hiding on the other side. Each dragon is worth one point!

Once all the players have carried out these steps, turn over the remaining dominoes. Take
four new dominoes from the box and place these in the centre of the table, face-up.

The game ends once all the dominoes from the game have been played. Players win 1 point per baby dragon they have discovered. The player with the Mummy Dragon wins 1 bonus point.

Most points to win!


Dragomino reinforces visual perception and problem-solving.

Once you have conquered Dragomino, you’re ready for Kingdomino!

Fish Club

It’s a fishy frenzy! Battle against the other fish family in order to claim the best spot in the new aquarium. Connect five family members together to win, but hurry, the others are hot on your tail!

What’s in the box?

  • One aquarium
  • Nine red fish
  • Nine blue fish
  • Four seahorses
  • Four small fish
  • Two clams
  • Two starfish

How to play:

Group five of your red or blue fish together by dropping them in the aquarium. Your five fish must form a single, unbroken line or group of touching fish to win. If your fish get separated by even the smallest amount, you can no longer count them as a group!

On your turn, add a sea creature of your choice to the aquarium by dropping it through the top of the aquarium. You can add one of your fish to try to form a larger group, or you can use one of the yellow sea creatures to hopefully make things more difficult for the other player.

The game ends if your move groups five of your fish together OR if your move groups five of your opponent’s fish together!


 Fish Club was created by David Wexler, the son of the creator of Connect 4! Promotes visual and fine motor skills.

Kameloot board game boxKameloot board game contents


Taverns and turncoats, merchants and magic… oh my!

Enter the Hooting Owl tavern, where magicians and merchants make their moves, or the Black Cat tavern home of crooks and scheming sorcerers. As a fellow merchant, you will need to bend in, collect and trade magical objects to become the richest merchant in Kameloot. Watch out for turncoats, and traitors, there is no mercy in the taverns!

What’s in the box:

  • 96 Magical object cards
  • Six tavern tokens: One hooting owl side, one black cat side

How to play:

Enter one of the two most popular taverns in Kameloot, The Hooting Owl or The Black Cat. In the taverns, the merchants within will help you complete your collections of magical objects. Once you complete a collection, then sell it to the tavern clients and split the gold your earn among the merchants.

One tavern token goes to each player. Choose your teams by tossing the tavern coins, this is the tavern you will start in.

Shuffle the Magic Object cards – each player gets four. Put the remaining cards as the deck in the middle of the table.

Kameloot is player over several rounds. On your turn, carry out three actions in order.

  1. Make magical objects from a collection available by placing one or several matching Magical Object cards face up on the table. OR use the power of a magical object by turning the card face up next to the draw pile and apply the power indicated on the card.
  2. Check if you have completed a collection inside your tavern. A complete collection contains the same number of magical objects as indicated on the card. If, and only if the collection is completed, share the magical objects between all the members of your tavern. To do this, collect ALL the cards with the same object from all members of your tavern. Distribute all the cards face up with the coin icon showing, clockwise.
    These cards received make up your fortune!
  1. Take new cards. Draw cards to make up your hand to four. If you already have four cards, you do not need to draw.

Each magical object has different powers to help you through the game!

The game ends when the draw pile is empty. Each player should play an even amount of times.

Count up the number of gold coins received from selling magical objects. If you have the most, congratulations! You are the richest merchant in Kameloot and you win!


Kameloot will test your strategy, bluffing and decision making!

Kingdomino - BoxKingdomino - Box and Components


In the best-selling family classic, you are a king seeking new lands to expand your kingdom. Match tiles, claim crowns and expand your land to build the most impressive Kingdom!

But be careful, other kings will try and claim the same terrain!

Kingdomino was crowned “Game of the Year” in 2017!

What’s in the box?

  • Four starting tiles
  • Four 3D castles
  • 48 dominoes
  • Eight wooden Kings in four colours

How to play:

As a resourceful king, you are looking to expand your land. But be careful: other kings may want to claim the same terrain!

The aim of the game is to match terrains, build territories, collect crowns…score points and WIN!. There are six different terrains, including: wheat fields, lakes and forests.

Each turn, connect a new domino to your existing kingdom, making sure at least one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type already in play. The order of who picks their domino first depends on which tile was previously chosen. The higher number tiles will have more crowns, but will mean you pick last in the next turn!

To score, you’ll need to make sure you have crowns in your terrains. Multiply the numbers of matching terrain squares by the number of crowns in that territory. Combine the scores for all yuor territories, the person with the highest total WINS! Be careful, if a territory has no crowns, it scores no points.

When you have completed your 5 x 5 grid, or you can’t place your final tile, the game ends. Highest score wins and rules the kingdom!

Kingdomino has 4 other ways to play; Middle Kingdom – if your castle is in the middle of your grid you score 10 extra points. Dynasty – play 3 rounds in a row, the most points wins. Harmony – score 5 extra points if you discard no tiles. Mighty Duel – in a 2 player game, use all the tiles to make a 7×7 grid.

With so many ways to play, Kingdomino is sure to be a family favourite!

Kingdomino reinforces focus and attention, maths and visual perception skills. There are additional rules for added challenges, including a 2 player variant.

Print and Play.

Kingdomino age of giants boxKingdomino age of giants components

Kingdomino – Age of Giants

Watch out! The Giants are charging down the mountains! They too want their share of the kingdoms under construction… and it’s going to cost you!

Kingdomino: Age of Giants is an expansion to the Spiel des Jahres 2017 winner Kingdomino.

What’s in the box?

  • 3D castle
  • A distribution tower
  • Two brown wooden Kings
  • A starting tile
  • 29 dominoes
  • Six “Giant” meeples
  • Score pad

How to play:

This expansion adds dominoes, giant tokens, challenge tiles, and allows a fifth player to join either Kingdomino or Queendomino. You also get a handy tile dispenser!

Dominoes with letters make a giant appear: If you add this tile to your kingdom, you must take a giant meeple and pick a crown for the giant to cover. At the end of the game, a crown covered by a giant does not score.

Dominoes numbered 49 to 54 have footsteps: When you add this tile to your kingdom, you get to banish one of your giants to one of your opponents! They’ll get to pick which crown to cover.

Quests: At the beginning of each game, two of the 17 tiles are randomly drawn and uncovered for all to see. Each tile shows a specific way to score bonus point at the end of a game. The additional rules in Kingdomino won’t apply with these new quests!


A copy of Kingdomino is required to play.

Kingdomino Origins board game boxKingdomino Origins board game Components

Kingdomino Origins

Travel back in time to a prehistoric era of Kingdomino!

Build your tribe as strong as you can so you can rule over all kingdoms! Use erupted lava to bring fire to your regions, gather resources and recruit fearless cavemen to expand your tribe and hunting territory.

This is a stand-alone game in the Kingdomino family.

What’s in the box?

  • four starting Tiles
  • four 3d huts
  • eight wooden tribe chiefs
  • 48 dominoes
  • one cave board
  • 22 caveman tiles
  • four totem tiles: one mammoth, one fish, one mushroom one flint.
  • 49 wooden resources: 16 mammoths, 13 fish, 11 mushrooms, 9 flints
  • 10 fire tokens
  • one scorecard notebook

How to play:

Aim: Strategically connect your dominoes into your five x five hunting territory. Win comfort points and make your territory as welcoming as possible for your tribe.

There are three game modes to Kingdomino Origins, and it is recommended that they are played in order.

  1. Discovery Mode

Draw your first four dominoes from the draw pile, and 10 fire tokens next to the box. Take turns placing your tribe chief on one tile, as in Kingdomino. From here on, turn order is determined by the chief placed on the top tile.

Playing order is determined by the position of chiefs, the first Chief makes the first move and must take the domino they are on, add it to their territory (making sure to match territories together) and then place their chief on a selected tile from the next line of dominoes.

The volcanoes will erupt lava and cause fires with the number of fires corresponding to the number of volcanoes. Take a fire token and place it in your terrain according to the number of squares it launches.

Once all the tiles are gone, tally your points; the number of terrains connected x the number of fire tokens in that region. Highest score wins!

  1. Totem Mode

Set up as previous mode, then place the wooden resource tokens on the corresponding squares as you go along e.g., fish token on a lake.

When you place your domino, if you have the highest number of that resource, you take the resource token (or steal another players).  Make sure you watch out for fires, it will destroy your resources!

Points are calculated the same as discovery mode, and totem tiles and resource tiles will earn you bonus!

  1. Tribe Mode

Set up as discovery mode, then add in the cavemen!

On your turn, you now have the option of recruiting cavemen by spending resources, and placing your cavemen on a square of your choice. (Watch out for fires)

Cavemen will earn you comfort points – each type are worth a different number of points.

Points are calculated the same as discovery mode, then add together all bonus points from cavemen.


Kingdomino Origins is the newest addition to the Kingdomino family by designer Bruno Cathala and features three game modes for extended play!

lost seas game boxLost seas components

Lost Seas

Ahoy there!

There is host of terrible tales surrounding the mysterious unchartered depths of the Lost Seas. Get ready to arm yourselves with the latest instruments of navigation and prepare to set sail on a daring exploration of the lost seas. If you succeed, the glory will be yours and your map will be legendary!

What’s in the box?

  • One first player token
  • 65 Sea exploration tiles
  • 44 Double sided expedition tiles

How to play

Your mission is to win the most victory points by strategically positioning Sea Exploration tiles.

The game is played in clockwise turns from the first player. For a four player game, each player takes one tile. Three player, two players take a tile for themselves and return one to the box and one player chooses their tile. In a two player game, both players choose a tile for themselves and return another to the box.

A sea exploration tile chosen by a player must be placed on their map in the intersection of the row of an expedition tile with the column of another expedition tile. This new Sea Exploration tile must be placed on an empty space.

Then, turn four new tiles from the pile and place these next to the last sea exploration tile from the previous round.

When all players have placed their 16th sea exploration tile on their map, it’s time for the scoring. In terms of victory points depend on if the requirements of the exploration tiles have been met.

The person with the highest score wins.


There is a young mapmaker mode so younger kids can play too!

Mech A Dream BoxMech A Dream Box Back

Mech A Dream

Do robots dream of electric sheep? The year 2143 sees robots and humans living in harmony, but the machines are unable to dream! In your workshop, bolt together as many dreams as you can for your mechanical friend by optimising your resources and construction time.

What’s in the box?

For each player:

  • 1 Workshop board with two resource indicators, one conveyor belt with 7 slots, and one workshop with 9 slots (for finished machines)
  • 3 Assistant meeples and 2 Electric Sheep meeples

Shared Components:

  • 1 Factory board (double-sided) with 3 conveyor belts, one delivery dock, one stock room and one calendar
  • 50 Machine tiles separated into 4 types
  • 10 Delivery cards
  • 1 Phase pawn
  • 1 Day marker
  • 4 Cloud tokens
  • 28 Rainbow meeples

How to play:

In Mech A Dream you manage your own production workshop. Give your Assistants different tasks during the day and optimize the construction time of your dream machines along the conveyor belt of your workshop. Manage the production of your workshop as best you can to earn more Dream points than your opponents at the end of the work week.

There are both Day and Night Phases that each comprise of their own steps towards constructing your dream machines from gaining resources in the stock room or delivery dock to working in the workshop to actually completing the machine!

The Mech A Dream project ends when one of these two conditions are met at the end of a Night phase:

  • The Night Phase that has just ended is of the seventh day on the calendar or
  • A player has built nine machines or more in their workshop

At the end of this last workday, figure out your score by adding together your dream points. The player who has the highest dream points total wins the game.


Be proud of having produced so many wonderful dreams for your robots!