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Battle Sheep Family Board Game

Battle Sheep


Opposing sheep herds go head to fluffy head in a strategy game the whole family will love!

Plan your moves carefully to occupy the most pastures and fence out your foe. A different playing board is assembled before every game, making the game full of new challenges every time you play!

What’s in the box?

  • 16 pasture tiles
  • 64 sheep tokens

How to play:

On your turn, move any stack of your own sheep by splitting the stack into two parts, moving the top part of the stack in a straight line as far as it can go before hitting another sheep or the border. You must leave at least one sheep on the space on which the original stack was standing.

Play continues with each player moving by splitting any of their stacks and moving the new stack to a new pasture. A stack is blocked when it is surrounded by opponents’ pieces or the edge and can no longer be split and moved.

When all your sheep are blocked, you no longer continue playing. The game ends when no player can move. The player who succeeds in controlling the most pasture land (the most tiles) wins!


Battle Sheep reinforces focus and attention, problem-solving and visual perception.

Dr Eureka Childrens Board Game

Dr. Eureka


The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete!

Mix your molecules from tube to tube without touching them, to match the scientific formula. Move your molecules faster than your competitors to prove you are the smartest scientist in the lab!

What’s in the box?

  • 12 test tubes
  • 24 balls (8 red, 8 purple, 8 green)
  • 54 challenge cards

How to play:

It’s madness in the lab! Take on the role of one of Dr. Eureka’s apprentice scientists, and race to be the first to create the correct combination of balls in the order shown on the challenge card.

You’ll start with three tubes, each with two balls of the same colour. Shuffle the challenge cards and then reveal the top card. All scientists play at the same time!

Race to recreate the pattern. To do this you’ll transfer the balls from one tube to the other, without touching the balls with your hands or letting them fall from the tubes. Shout Dr. Eureka when you think you’ve got it!

The first one to collect 5 cards wins!


Dr. Eureka reinforces fine motor skills, focus and attention, problem solving, processing speed and visual perception.

Dragon's Cave Family Board GameDragon's Cave Family Board Game

Dragon’s Cave


Lured by a precious treasure, you are brave dwarves venturing into the dragon’s cave, gathering gold coins on your way.

Pick each step forward carefully, if the dragon predicts your next move on the path, you will move backward and risk losing some coins!

What’s in the box?

  • One board
  • One dragon
  • Four dwarves
  • 44 gold coins
  • Four treasure chests
  • Four money bags
  • 24 cards

How to Play:

One player is the dragon, the other players are the dwarves. The Dwarves try to move forward along the path by secretly choosing cards which they place in front of them, face-down. The player in control of the Dragon then places the Dragon on one of the five squares in its lair.

  • Reveal your cards! If you have picked a different square from the one the Dragon is on, move your Dwarf to the first square of this colour situated in front of your Dwarf. Take as many gold coins from the Dragon’s Treasure as is shown on your square.
  • If you pick the same square as the Dragon, then you are are scared and have to move back! You don’t get any gold coins.
  • If you picked the chest card you don’t move their Dwarf. You’re safe from the dragon during this round of the game.

The game ends at the end of a round where at least one player has managed to reach the dragon’s lair. Count up your gold coins – if you have the most you win!


Dragon’s Cave reinforces social play and guessing skills.

Gobblers Family Mix Family Board GameGobblers Family Mix Family Game

Gobblers Family Mix


The Gobblers have had a baby and the whole family are ready to play!

Test your memory and appetite for laughs with this easy to learn game of strategy. The mums hide the teenagers, the teenagers hide the babies but beware of the great-aunt and great-uncle who are the king and queen of mix-ups…

What’s in the box?

  • Four Big Gobblers
  • Three Middle sized Gobblers
  • Three Small Gobblers
  • 42 “Wanted Poster” cards

How to play:

Once set up has been completed and there are only three Goblets (I hope you were paying attention when they were stacked!) turn over the top card from the ‘Wanted Poster’ deck.

All players must simultaneously try to find the same missing family member who appears on the ‘Wanted Poster’ card, as well as indicating where they are found.

If you think you know where it is, announce which pile and the character’s age and colour. This is then checked.

  • If you’re correct, you win the card.
  • If not, you lose a card from your pile and the other players continue without you.

Once a card has been won, a new round starts. The first player to collect 5 cards wins this game of hide and seek!


Gobblers Family Mix reinforces memory, processing speed and problem solving skills. There is also a ‘Great-Aunt’ variation to change the game!

Kingdomino Family Board GameKingdomino Family Board Game



In the best-selling family classic, you are a king seeking new lands to expand your kingdom. This majestic twist on a popular classic will have you seeking to build the most impressive kingdom by connecting your dominos wisely.

But be careful, other kings will try and claim these profitable lands too!

Kingdomino was crowned “Game of the Year” in 2017!

What’s in the box?

  • Four starting tiles
  • Four 3D castles
  • 48 dominoes
  • Eight wooden Kings in four colours

How to play:

The object of the game is to build a 5 x 5 grid by connecting your dominos with matching terrains. There are six different terrains, including: wheat fields, lakes and forests.

Each turn, connect a new domino to your existing kingdom, making sure at least one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type already in play. The order of who picks their domino first depends on which tile was previously chosen. The higher number tiles will have more crowns, but will mean you pick last in the next turn!

To score, you’ll need to make sure you have crowns in your terrains. Multiply the numbers of matching terrains by the number of crowns to find out your score!

When you have completed your 5 x 5 grid, or you can’t place your final tile, the game ends. Highest score wins and rules the kingdom!

Kingdomino reinforces focus and attention, maths and visual perception skills. There are additional rules for added challenges, including a 2 player variant.

Print and Play.

Kingdomino Age of Giants Family Board Game

Kingdomino – Age of Giants


Watch out! The Giants are charging down the mountains! They too want their share of the kingdoms under construction… and it’s going to cost you!

Kingdomino: Age of Giants is an expansion to the Spiel des Jahres 2017 winner Kingdomino.

What’s in the box?

  • 3D castle
  • A distribution tower
  • Two brown wooden Kings
  • A starting tile
  • 29 dominoes
  • Six “Giant” meeples
  • Score pad

How to play:

This expansion adds dominoes, giant tokens, challenge tiles, and allows a fifth player to join either Kingdomino or Queendomino. You also get a handy tile dispenser!

Dominoes with letters make a giant appear: If you add this tile to your kingdom, you must take a giant meeple and pick a crown for the giant to cover. At the end of the game, a crown covered by a giant does not score.

Dominoes numbered 49 to 54 have footsteps: When you add this tile to your kingdom, you get to banish one of your giants to one of your opponents! They’ll get to pick which crown to cover.

Quests: At the beginning of each game, two of the 17 tiles are randomly drawn and uncovered for all to see. Each tile shows a specific way to score bonus point at the end of a game. The additional rules in Kingdomino won’t apply with these new quests!


A copy of Kingdomino is required to play.

Kingdomino Duel Family Board GameKingdomino Duel Family Board Game

Kingdomino Duel


Roll the dice, create your domino and watch your kingdom grow!

Domino by domino fill in your map while entrusting the territories of your kingdom to loyal nobles. Use the power of the wizards to cast spells and strengthen your domain!

In this head to head battle, will you be crowned King?

What’s in the box?

  • Four domino dice
  • 1 double-side scorepad
  • 2 pencils

How to play:

Kingdomino Duel is a completely independent game which preserves the essence of the acclaimed original Kingdomino.

Kingdoms are made up of domains, which are groups of identical coats of arms, connected either horizontally or vertically. Domains score points at the end of the game equal to the number of nobles (crosses) in that domain multiplied by the number of its coats of arms.

Player A rolls all four dice and picks one. Player B gets to choose two, and then Player A takes the remaining die. Your two dice form your domino – now you need to draw it on your kingdom!

Each time a coat of arms without a cross is added to a kingdom, fill in a square in the spellbook corresponding to that symbol. If you’re the first person to fill in a coat of arms, you get to use that wizard power!

As in Kingdomino, you’ll need the nobles to score!

Once you have filled in your grid, or cannot add any more dominos, total up your points. Highest score wins!


Kingdomino Duel reinforces problem solving, visual perception and maths skills.

Kitty Bitty Children's Board GameKitty Bitty Children's Board Game

Kitty Bitty


It’s nap time for the itty-bitty kitties, but they just want to play!

Help them jump, bat the yarn balls around and race to the basket without catching a look from the watchful eyes of the mommy cats. The fun never stops in this adorable memory game!

What’s in the box?

  • Four kittens
  • Nine mommy cats with 18 eyes
  • One basket
  • 10 yarn balls
  • Two coloured dice

How to play:

Place two eyes in every mommy cat so that each has a blank eye and an eye with a kitten printed on the bottom. Mix up the mommy cats so no one remembers where the eyes are. Arrange the basket and yarn balls in a circle around the mommy cats.

On your turn, roll the dice and look at the colours on the top faces. Find the mommy cat with the two colours that match the dice and pick one of her eyes to lift.

  • If the eye has a kitten on the bottom, you have been caught!
  • If the eye is blank on the bottom, the Mommy Cat didn’t see your kitten and it can jump to the next yarn ball. You then take another turn and continue until your kitten is caught.

The first Kitten to jump on all 10 yarn balls and make it back to the basket wins!


Kitty Kitty reinforces memory skills and visual perception.

Mr Wolf Childrens Board Game

Mr Wolf


Mr. Wolf is slowly creeping in the forest.

“Quick, let’s go home”, warns one of the animals in the farm. Want to help them? Show them to the right barn before Mr. Wolf comes up the stone path!

What’s in the box?

  • Four 3-D Barns
  • 28 Animal Tokens
  • 16 Barn Tiles
  • One wooden Mr. Wolf

How to play:

After set up, flip over the Animal Token of your choice, revealing the animal underneath.

If the animal matches an animal on one or more of the 4 Barn Tiles, put the token in the corresponding Barn through the slot.

If the Animal Token does not match any animal on a Barn tile, or if it does but it has already been placed in that Barn, it is placed in the farm yard side up.

If the token has Mr. Wolf printed on the underside, the player moves Mr. Wolf 1 space up on his path. The Mr. Wolf Animal Token is then placed back in the same spot in the field, flower side up.

The game ends one of two ways:

  1.  If you think the barns are full, check to see if all the tokens correctly match the tiles. You win If they do!
  2.  Mr. Wolf makes it up to the field before all the animals are in the correct barns then he wins the game!


Mr. Wolf reinforces memory and co-operation skills. There are 3 challenge variations to Mr. Wolf, including a solo variant!

Ninja Night Strategy Board GameNinja Night Strategy Board Game

Ninja Night


The sun is about to rise, you have a few minutes left to break into the most luxurious houses and steal their treasures.

But beware, these homes are scrupulously guarded and other ninjas from across the region are hot on your tail.

Complete missions to honour your clan!

Okiya Strategy Board GameOkiya Components Strategy Board Game



Arrange your clan tokens to gain the favour of the emperor. Replace a garden tile with one of your clan tokens, limiting your opponent’s choices.

Positioning your Geishas in a row or square will win control of the garden! Prove ultimate control by blocking your opponent from entering the garden.

Panic Diner Family Board Game

Panic Diner


Your team has one week to save the reputation of the restaurant! It’s time to panic! In this cooperative game, you must find your customers’ orders amongst those mixed in the
centre of the table.

But don’t forget to wash the dishes! Every day brings a new challenge. Keep your customers happy to win the game!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 game board
  • 1 dishwasher (lid box)
  • 48 dish tokens (double-sided)
  • 15 star tokens
  • 7 trophy tokens
  • 40 customer cards (round)
  • 20 challenge cards (square)
  • 90-second hourglass timer

How to play:

The game is played over 7 rounds. One round corresponds to one day’s work. However, a day at Panic Diner only lasts 90 seconds!

To ensure a successful day, you must manage to collect all of the star tokens that have been placed around the timer. But that’s not all: every day is livened up by an event or a challenge in addition to your main objective. All this is decided by the challenge cards.

Look at the challenge card you have turned over during set up. Turn the timer upside down to start counting and you’re off! Each player flips their customer card face-up. As quickly as possible, find the dishes ordered by your customers.

The game ends after 7 rounds. This marks the end of the week and it’s time to check your restaurant’s reputation.

To find this out, count the number of success trophies you have obtained:

  • 0-3: Close your doors, your restaurant is a disaster!
  • 4-5: Not a bad restaurant, but the service sometimes takes a while.
  • 6-7: Congratulations! You’ve earned all these good reviews.

Panic Diner reinforces cooperation, processing speed, fine motor, and visual perception skills.

There is a variation to make this even more eventful!

Pappy Winchester Family Board GamePappy Winchester Family Board Game

Pappy Winchester


Pappy Winchester has kicked the bucket, he was the king of swindlers and everyone knows he was filthy rich!

His final wish was that his descendants would share his fortune and the plots of his ranch. After all, for him the most important thing was that his money stayed in the family!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 game board
  • 110 $1000 bank notes
  • 50 hat tokens in different player colours
  • 43 tokens
  • 30 cards
  • 1 first player token
  • 1 locomotive
  • 1 boat
  • 1 auction in progress token

How to play:

Each turn is carried out in three steps:

  • Bidding on land

Starting with the first player and moving clockwise, you are free to choose one of the following actions:

Bid: either by bidding first or by outbidding the previous player‘s bid by at least $1000.

Pass: if you can no longer participate in the current auction, then you can pass. Bidding continues until all but one of the players have passed.

  • Buying a plot

If you win the action you take possession of the land. You’ll need to pay the other players the correct value first.

  • Checking objectives

If you have completed any of the shared objectives, then you discard that card and take the prize!

Once all 19 plots have been bought, the game ends. If you’re the richest player at the end of the game, you become the new head of the family!


Pappy Winchester reinforces problem solving, maths and social play skills

Pengoloo Childrens Board Game



With a little luck and a good memory, you can be the first person to collect six penguins and win the game! Pengoloo is a fun South Pole eggspedition in which players roll the dice to find a penguin’s matching hidden eggs.

What’s in the box?

  • 12 plastic penguins
  • 12 plastic eggs
  • Four iceberg board
  • Two plastic dice

How to play:

Place one egg inside each penguin, mix them up and then place them in the middle of the table.

Begin your turn by rolling the dice. You have two attempts per turn to find two hidden eggs that match the colours on the dice. Every time you lift a penguin, all players need to be able to see the colour of the hidden egg.

  • If you don’t find a match, put the penguins back on their eggs, and it’s the next player’s turn.
  • If you find one matching egg, place the corresponding penguin with its egg inside in front of your iceberg, and it’s the next player’s turn.
  • If you find two matching eggs, place both penguins with their eggs in front of your iceberg and play again.

The first player to collect six penguins wins the game!


Pengoloo reinforces memory, social play and visual perception.

photosynthesis strategy board game



In this beautiful and unique game, several varieties of trees compete to grow and spread their seeds in the sunlight of the forest.

As each tree grows its leaves are touched by the sun’s rays, collecting Light Points and casting shadows on the surrounding smaller trees.

When a tree reaches the end of its life cycle, players win points proportional to the richness of the soil the tree was rooted in.

Planet Strategy Board GamePlanet Strategy Board Game



A world is taking shape in the palm of your hands.

Strategically position your continents to form hospitable environments for animal life to develop and try to create the most populated and diverse Planet!