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Cat Stax Brainteaser PuzzleCat Stax Brainteaser Puzzle

Cat Stax


The Perfect Puzzle. Stack up the cats! Select a challenge and then arrange all of the cats on the card so that they fit perfectly within the grid. The cats come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to figure out how they precisely nestle together to solve each challenge. Paw your way through all 48 puzzles and consider yourself one clever cat!

Curve Ball Brainteaser PuzzleCurve Ball Brainteaser Puzzle

Curve Ball


In this mind-bending puzzle, twist and turn a chain of colourful orbs into a myriad of unique shapes.

Solve all 18 challenges and you’re ahead of the curve!

Dog Pile Brainteaser PuzzleDog Pile Brainteaser Puzzle

Dog Pile


Pile up the pups! Select a challenge and then arrange all of the dogs on the card so that they fit precisely on the grid. The dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to figure out how they nestle together to solve each challenge. Paw your way through all 48 puzzles and you’re the top dog!

Dot to Dot Brainteaser PuzzleDot to Dot Brainteaser Puzzle

Dot to Dot


Colours collide in this tricky tile teaser.

Arrange eight squares in a grid so that the dots match on every side. Sound simple?

Each square has a unique colour configuration, making for only a few possible solutions. Correctly connect the dots and your skills are spot on!

Flexi Puzzle Brainteaser PuzzleFlexi Puzzle Brainteaser Puzzle

Flexi Puzzle


Flex your mind with Brainwright Flexi Puzzle, the bendy, stretchy brain-teaser that helps encourage spatial and three-dimensional thinking. Ideal for kids ages eight years and up, this deceptively simple puzzle consists of 12 colourful cubes, connected via an elastic string, and can be bent in every direction. Use the included challenge book to choose from 80 different challenges and four levels of difficulty as you move your way from beginner to master.

Brainwright’s Flexi Puzzle is made up of 12 colourful plastic cubes that are connected via an elastic string. Each cube has a slot on each side, enabling them to move about the string. Simply pull, twist, and turn the cubes in every direction to rearrange their order. For added convenience, the Flexi Puzzle comes with a challenge book for guidance and a storage bag for travel.

80 Challenges and Four Levels of Difficulty – The Flexi Puzzle challenge book illustrates 80 different challenges covering four levels of difficulty: beginner, advanced, expert, and master. To begin a game, choose a challenge and follow the illustrations to find the solution. If you get stuck, solutions can be found at the back of the challenge book.

Encourages Three-Dimensional Thinking – The brain-teasing nature of Flex Puzzle exercises logic skills in a fun way. In addition to helping develop basic problem-solving skills, this game inspires both spatial and three-dimensional thinking, offering hours of fun for curious minds of all ages. Deceptively simple to play at first, the puzzle’s numerous challenges and skill levels allow players to progress from one level to the next.

Hay Stax Brainteaser PuzzleHay Stax Brainteaser Puzzle

Hay Stax


The barnyard packing puzzle.

Herd the horse, pack the pig, and stack the sheep!

Select a challenge and arrange the farm animals so they all fit precisely in their pen. The animals come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to use your best spatial skills to correctly corral them together.

With 36 increasingly difficult puzzles, you’ll be stacking ’til the cows come home.

Interlox Brainteaser PuzzleInterlox Brainteaser



Interlock the blocks!

12 grooved pieces spin and slide together in countless colourful configurations. Pick a challenge, gather the pieces and join them together to build the featured 3D shape.

Combine them correctly and you’ve found the key to Interlox!

Kitty Bitty Children's Board GameKitty Bitty Children's Board Game

Kitty Bitty


It’s nap time for the itty-bitty kitties, but they just want to play!

Help them jump, bat the yarn balls around and race to the basket without catching a look from the watchful eyes of the mommy cats.

The fun never stops in this adorable memory game!

Kitty Kitty BrainteaserKitty Kitty Brainteaser Puzzle

Kitty Kitty


Paw your way through this litter of purr-plexing puzzles featuring colourful feline faces.

Can you snuggle them together to match the pattern on each grid?

The kitties connect in a multitude of ways, the trick is figuring out the correct combination.

Logic Land Brainteaser PuzzleLogic Land Brainteaser Puzzle

Logic Land


It’s a palace puzzler!

The Prince is in the library, the Dragon is next to the Queen, and the wizard is NOT in the Tower.

So where is the King?

You’ll be rewarded royally if you can discover the regal whereabouts!

Manifold Brainteaser Puzzle



The Origami Mind Bender. Wrap your mind around this original collection of origami paper puzzles! Transform each sheet into a square shape so that only black shows on one side and only white on the other. Starts off simple but the challenge increases with every crease of paper! Includes 100 captivating puzzles. Once you start folding, you won’t be able to stop!

Qboid Brainteaser PuzzleQboid Brainteaser Puzzle



Get your hands on this uniquely-shaped twisty puzzle!

Mix up the Qboid and then twist, flip, and rotate the parts to match up the colors.

A wonderful introduction to the world of twisty puzzles, the Qboid is the perfect pocket-sized challenge!

Tetra Twist Brainteaser PuzzleTetra Twist Brainteaser

Tetra Twist


This split-level puzzle puts the twist in brain twister!

Four unique pieces each have a top and bottom that swivel separately. Spin each layer so that both parts interlock with neighbouring pieces.

Form five unique shapes of varying difficulty, using hundreds of possible configurations!

Tric Trac Brainteaser PuzzleTric Trac Brainteaser Puzzle

Tric Trac


Take this spiralling puzzle for a spin!

Five double-sided discs form a circuit of colourful connections. Rotate the dials to line up the patterns on both sides.

Find all of the tricky ways they loop together and you’re on the right track.

Witchy Kitty Brainteaser PuzzleWitchy Kitty Brainteaser Puzzle

Witchy Kitty


Witchy kitty has been magically transformed, and you must figure out how to get her back!

Pick a puzzle and arrange her according to the card. Then gather up the potions – and play them in the proper order – to flip kitty back to her feline self!