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Hanabi: Deluxe

Back with a bang and more dazzling than ever before, the Spiel des Jahres award-winning Hanabi Deluxe version has arrived!

Work together to create dazzling firework displays. But there’s a catch… all the powder, wicks and rockets are mixed up! Players hold their cards back to front, so nobody can see their own cards.

Find ways to pass and remember information you receive in this extraordinary challenge!

What’s in the box?

  • 70 cards
  • Five cardholders
  • Eight tokens
  • One bag
  • Nine tiles
  • One game aid

How to play:

Playing the role of scatter-brained pyrotechnicians who have inadvertently mixed-up powders, wicks and rockets for a huge firework display, players work together to make sure the show is not a complete disaster…

There are five firework displays to be created – one of each colour (white, red, blue, yellow, green) – by putting the same colour cards in ascending order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Player’s cards are arranged on the cardholder in front of them back-to-front, so the other players can see them, but they cannot see them themselves.

A turn consists of three potential phases:

  • Give information – the player must take a clue token, so they can provide information to another player about the cards in front of them. Players can only give two kinds of information: colour and value of the cards.
  • Discard a card – by completing this action, a clue token is placed on the bag and the player gets rid of a card. A new card is then taken to replace it.
  • Play a card – the player takes a card and puts it in front of them. This card either begins or completes a firework display OR the card doesn’t do anything, triggering the turnover of an error tile.

The game ends if all three error tiles are turned over, or if all five firework displays have been created!


In this deluxe version of Hanabi, included are the three add-ons: Colour Avalanche, Black Powder and 5 Flamboyants – all extending the gameplay and the challenge even further!


Imagination Gaming Awards Seal of Approval 2022

Happy City

Welcome to the city of happiness! Build your little city card-by-card and manage your income to attract new residents and make them happy. Choose each building carefully and keep an eye on your opponent’s rival towns.

Can you find the right balance and create a home where the heart is?

What’s in the box?

  • 30 coins
  • 140 cards

How to play:

A round consists of two phases:

  • Income phase – all players receive money from the bank. The sum of income symbols found at the bottom of the cards in their city (for the 1st round every player gets one coin each).
  • Action phase – in this phase, players take a number of different actions including: discarding cards; purchasing dwellings cards; and winning special buildings cards – once their city has met certain conditions dictated by their cards. All actions are played with the aim to build the most profitable city with the most inhabitants to get the most points.

The game ends as soon as a player puts down their 10th city card. The round is completed by any remaining players in the turn.

Players calculate their points by counting how many inhabitants and hearts they have – then these two numbers are multiplied together.

The player with the most (happy) points wins!


Happy City has an expert version mode to increase the challenge (and the fun).