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221b Baker Street Strategy Board Game221b Baker Street Components Strategy Board Game

221B Baker Street


221B Baker Street is the London address of the most celebrated fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his dedicated companion, Dr. Watson. In this detective game you start at 221B and travel through the streets and alleys of London picking up clues and attempting to solve the most intriguing cases Holmes and Watson have ever faced.

Each player assumes the role of Holmes and matches wits with the other players to determine who possesses the most skilful powers of deduction. The game includes 75 cases and each case is represented by a card that features a crime told in story form, a selection of probable suspects and a list of locations involved in that crime.

Clues are hidden throughout London, one in each of fourteen locations. Players must collect clues from each location, noting them down on their checklists as they attempt to find the answers to the questions listed on the case card.

Naturally, the crime scene will often contain vital clues, and a prudent detective always checks with the neighbours. Still, you can learn something vital almost anywhere in town. The first player to figure out the correct answers to a particular mystery or crime, return to 221B and announce the solution, is the winner.

civilization strategy board game



From the Dawn of History to 250BC, will you lead your people to victory and become the most powerful and advanced nation? Good planning, tactful negotiation and decisive action are required in equal measure!

crystal hall strategy board game

Crystal Hall


Crystal Hall is the magical strategy game that encourages players to lead their wizard-shaped counters around the hall in a quest to uncover the four magical crystals that are hidden among the 36 face-down tiles.

The first player to visit each of these tiles and extract the crystals is the winner.

L'Attaque Strategy Board Game



The game of military tactics!

Strategically move your pieces to attack and capture your opponent’s Flag.

Use your Spy to seek out the Commander in Chief, the most valuable piece besides the all-important Flag!

Mind The Gap Card Game

Mind the Gap


Mind the Gap is our brand new, TFL licenced card game that keeps everyone entertained when on the move. Measuring just 15cm x 13.5 x 4cm, the family card game transports players to the world famous London Underground, as they take turns to discard a card that matches the relevant tube line.

Each player is dealt 8 cards and must match a coloured line from the previous card in order to play. However, players mustn’t Bank on their opponents giving them an easy ride – as the aim is to slow rivals down with an Arsenal of special cards that can be Euston other passengers to trip them up. If a player cannot lay a card, they must pick up another and do their best to avoid falling victim to the special playing cards that demand players to ‘miss a go’ or ‘change direction of play.’

Simple yet engaging, this game is just the ticket for young travellers and old timers alike. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards before the other passengers catch you out –but above all, make sure you Mind The Gap!

Pass the Bomb Party GamePass the Bomb Party Game

Pass the Bomb


The explosive word game that will blow your mind!

Try to come up with a word that contains a certain sequence of letters before the ticking time-bomb in your hands explodes.

While creative spelling of the words in question can be frowned upon, it’s up to the player next to you to determine your fate.

Sherlock Holmes Card Game

Sherlock Holmes Card Game


Elementary, my dear Watson.

The famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr Watson are once again on the trail of those notorious arch villains Professor Moriarty and Colonel Sebastian Moran with Sherlock Holmes the Card Game.

Travel with them by hansom cab and train as you seek clues and suspects. Police Inspectors, Alibis and even thick fog will cause confusion but finally an Arrest will be made and Holmes and Watson will have cracked another intriguing case.

All of the cards are illustrated with pictures from the original material and faithfully capture the atmosphere of the period.

Zonkers fast play board game



Match your dice with the dice graphics on the cards.

Play your last die and shout “ZONKERS” to end the round. Win the card if you have the most dice on it!