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Adventure Mart Hub Games Strategy Board GameAdventure Mart Hub Games Strategy Board Game

Adventure Mart


Welcome to the world of Adventure Capitalism!

As managers of competing Adventure Mart convenience stores, only one thing matters to your CEOs; get as much gold as possible!

Hire staff, purchase store upgrades and new stock, and sell incredible items to all manner of fantastical visitors… Just make sure you don’t get sent to the abyss!

Blank Card Game



The fast, fun card game that changes as you play – and you make the changes!

With each new game, you will customise cards and develop new rules, making your copy of Blank totally unique. The first to discard all their cards wins the game, and that winner gets to create a new rule!

What’s in the box?

  • 72 game effect cards
  • 38 rule cards

How to play:

Taking turns and starting clockwise, each player must play at least one card from their hand onto the discard pile. The card(s) you play must either match the colour or the number of the card on top of the discard pile.

When you play your card(s), apply the card effect shown on the top card (if it has one). After all the effects triggered by the card(s) you have played, your turn ends.

Rule cards affect how each game works. There are always three in play at the start of the game and can change throughout.

A penalty requires you to draw a card. Penalties can occur in a number of ways:

  • You play a card out of turn.
  • You falsely accuse another player of making a mistake.
  • You fail to follow a rule card or game effect card.
  • You play more than one card that doesn’t share the same colour or number

The winner is the first to get rid of all their cards. They then choose whether to create a new rule card or customise a game card, making their mark on this copy of Blank forever!

Rule examples (the possibilities are endless!):

If you play two or more cards in a turn, then name a card colour which may not be played until your next turn.

If a player takes more than 5 seconds to play a card, then all other players may discard a card from their hand.

If during setup this card is revealed, then all players must take a penalty card apart from the starting player.


As you play, you will create new rules and card effects, making your copy of Blank totally unique!

Blankdemic Card GameBlankdemic Card Game



Infect your game with Blankdemic!

Add these cards to your copy of Blank, then get ready to save the world in a very different way. Deal with diseases, ready your roles, and make it your game… all over again!

What’s in the box?

  • 10 Blankdemic game effect cards

How to play:

  1. Start with a fresh copy of Blank.
  2. Remove all six game effect cards. Also remove the plain blue 2, green 2, green 3 and orange 4.
  3. Add all ten Blankdemic game effect cards to the deck.
  4. Set aside all fourteen basic rule cards. These are replaced by the ten Blankdemic rule cards.
  5. You are now ready to play, using the standard rules of Blank.


A copy of Blank is required to play

Flip over Frog Family Board Game

Flip over Frog


Help your brightly coloured frogs take control of your little corner of the rainforest!

Cleverly place frogs on the board to flip adjacent tiles, hiding some frogs and revealing others. Watch out for snakes though as they love to snack on those tasty frogs. Can you flip your way to victory?

What’s in the box?

  • 36 square tiles
  • Four frog tokens
  • A game board

How to play:

You’ll all be dealt a secret frog colour – this is what you’ll need to win!

On your turn you must do the following:

  1. Play a tile
  2. Resolve the effect of the tile
  3. Draw a new tile from the stack, refilling your hand to 3 tiles.

There are two types of tile – frogs and snakes.

  • A frog tile can be played either on any empty space on the game board, or on top of any face down tile. It cannot be played on a face up tile. When a frog tile is played, flip over any adjacent tiles in the direction of the 4 arrows.
  • A snake tile removes a frog from the game. The snakes may only be played on top of a face up frog

The game ends immediately when either:

  • All tiles have been played,
  • The board is full (with 16 face up frog tiles).

Reveal your frog token. If you have the most face up frogs in your colour, then you’re the frog flipping champion!


Simplicity is key when it comes to Flip Over Frog – with only three rules to remember, the focus is placed firmly on strategy!

MegaCity Strategy Board GameMegaCity Strategy Board Game

MegaCity Oceania


You are the next generation of architects who will create the MegaCity.

Race to collect contracts, construct beautiful buildings and vie for awards as a unique MegaCity emerges each time you play. It’s a competitive business where prestige points are everything! Will your building remain tall when you float it to the centre?

What’s in the box?

  • Draw bag
  • 150 building pieces
  • 29 double-sided hexagonal tiles
  • 36 contract cards
  • Awards bar
  • Nine awards
  • Two rulers
  • Tallest building markers
  • 32 player cubes
  • 60 prestige tokens

How to play:

Each turn, you get to take up to 2 standard actions from the list below or choose the special deliver action.

Standard actions:

  • Take a building contract
  • Take a platform
  • Take building pieces
  • Rezone a platform
  • Refresh platforms
  • Reorganise building contracts

Between their turns, players should build on the platforms, constructing buildings that will meet the requirements of their contract cards.

Once ready, you need to deliver your contract! Slide the platform with its building into position, physically moving it across the table to connect it to the MegaCity. If a building falls during the deliver action, you forfeit your turn and have to build again!

When the final standard contract has been completed, each player takes 1 more full turn as normal. Once all players are done, you must make a final decision to either recycle your pieces or deliver a final building.

At the end of the game, an awards ceremony takes place where awards are handed out. The player with the highest number of prestige points is the winner.


One-of-a-kind dexterity tile placement game.

prisma arena

Prisma Arena


Prepare yourself for a battle unlike any other! Spar against friends using the martial art of Prismakata. Level up to unlock new powers to help you reach the rank of Guardian, and ready yourself to defend the Seed of Hope!

What’s in the box?

  • One gameboard
  • Eight action dials
  • One central gameboard
  • One advantage token
  • 12 standee bases
  • 12 obstacles
  • Four hero standees
  • Eight Mo’kon standees
  • 36 combo cards
  • 50 prisma power cards
  • Four hero cards
  • Four guest hero cards
  • Eight Mo’kon cards
  • Four hero sticker sheets
  • Four hero lockers
  • Four hero storage bags
  • Four player aids
  • Four score trackers
  • 64 hit tokens

How to play:

Before your first game, customise your hero with the stickers!

A game is played over several rounds. Each round contains three phases:

  • Check advantage: this is when you will determine who goes first this round.
  • Activate characters: take turns activating the characters in your squad.
  • End of round: this is when you will check whether the endgame score has been reached, draw new combo cards and prepare for the next round.

Take turns to move your hero and Mo’kon around the arena, attempting to blast and strike at your opponent’s characters. Fill their hit gauge with enough hits (represented by hit tokens) to temporarily bounce them from the Arena, scoring points.

The game ends when at least one player has scored 20 or more points at the end of a round. The player with the highest score wins!