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Betta BoxBetta Components


Discover the beautiful world of Betta. It’s your first day of work at Bette’s Pets and Bette bought a boatload of Bettas! It’s your job to arrange the displays to make these flamboyant fish stand out.

Use tiles to make the patterns pop and keep an eye on your opponent’s Betta!

What’s in the box?

  • 48 Betta cards (12 in each of the 4 colours)
  • 4 Scoring Markers
  • 12 Betty’s Betta Cards
  • 1 Betty’s Betta Scoring Marker
  • 10 Display Cards
  • 12 Pattern cards (4 in each of the 3 difficulties)
  • 1 Scoreboard

How to play:

Take turns placing Betta cards to create patterns, and to fill the Displays with your colour. The game ends when everyone has only 2 cards remaining in their hand or when all Displays are completely filled with bettas.

On your turn, you must place one of the Betta cards in your hand on any Display that is not already filled with bettas. You can freely rotate your Betta card. You can cover over bettas already on that Display.

Score 2 points if you placed your Betta card on an empty Display and if you created a pattern, score it according to its point value (3/5/7). If you created several, score the best one. Use your Scoring marker to record your points on the Scoreboard.

Finally, draw a Betta card from your deck to fill your hand to 3 Betta cards again.

The end of the game is triggered when:

  • Each of you has only 2 cards remaining in your hand or
  • All Displays are completely filled with Bettas


Betta has 3 different game modes including a Solo Mode!

coatl game boxcoatl spill


Build the most beautiful and valuable serpents!

The appointment of a new AZTEC High Priest is imminent. To prove your merit, engage in a race to construct the most prestigious Coatl to win favour of the gods in this hiss-toric AZTEC themed game.

Carve the most intricate and elegant Coatl (a feathered snake) sculptures to emerge victorious!

What’s in the box?

  • 54 Prophecy cards
  • 15 temple cards
  • One supply board
  • Four player boards
  • Three supply boards
  • 12 sacrifice tokens
  • One first player marker


How to play

Players create Coatl’s by connecting head, body and tail pieces that satisfy the requirements of the prophecy cards they wish to fulfil. The more prophecy cards a Coatl fulfils the more pristiege points you earn!

Score the most prestige points to win!

On your turn you perform three actions;

  1. Take Coatl pieces – choose one space of the supply board and add its contents to your player board. Each space on a player board can hold exactly one Coatl piece.
  2. Choose prophecy cards – choose one or more prophecy cards from those in the supply and/or from the top of your prophecy deck and add these cards to your hand. Once you have finished your turn, reveal prophecy cards from the deck to refil the face up supply to six cards.
  3. Assemble your Coatl – use your collected pieces to create a new Coatl and/or add to existing ones. You can then use these Coatl to fulfil Prophecy cards. To complete a Coatl you must have one head, one tail and at least one body part.

The game ends when a player completes their 3rd Coatl or if there are no body segments remaining in the supply.

Use the scoring guidelines to add up your prestige points, the player with the most points is the winner.


Coatl is pronounced ‘CO-AT-ULL’

Coatl Card Box

Coatl: The Card Game

Aztec hiss-tory returns in Cóatl: The Card Game! A temple is being built in the ancient city. Feathered snake (Cóatl) paintings will decorate the walls. Will you win the title of artistic master by painting the most magnificent snake?

What’s in the box?

  • 50 Feather cards
  • 20 Head & 20 Tail cards
  • 40 Prophecy cards
  • 6 Temple cards
  • 4 Level cards
  • 8 Golden Round Markers

How to play:

Over the course of 5 rounds, each player paints 1 Cóatl to please the gods and impress the High Priest. Whoever paints the Cóatl deemed most prestigious is declared the winner.

Start player: you are responsible for counting the rounds. Before playing your Feather cards, you must add a body segment to the golden Cóatl.

On your turn, you must add 2 Feather cards to your Cóatl then draw 2 Feather cards to replenish your hand. Instead of playing a card from your hand, you can discard 1 card from your hand to reveal then play the top card of the Feather deck, adding it to your Cóatl.

At the end of the final round, as soon as you have completed your Cóatl, count your final score. The player with the highest Prestige points wins!


This game can be played solo and also has the Golden Feathers expansion for the Cóatl Board Game!

Crazy Tower game boxImagination Gaming Awards Seal of Approval 2022

Crazy Tower

Will it topple or hold fast!

With careful hands, concentrate and work together to build up a safe structure. All players, except for one…the traitor. Can they make the tower collapse on another players turn? Or is the tower secure?

What’s in the box?

  • 28 Wooden Blocks
  • 21 floor cards
  • One rulebook

How to play

Your heart is pounding, you have to add another Block to the tethering tower… will it hold together, or will it collapse?

The goal is simple, build a stable structure! This would be much easier for the Architects if there wasn’t someone trying to sabotage the structure! Be the first player to place all their blocks, without collapsing the tower.

The floor cards have different symbols that correspond to different rules which must be followed when placing blocks.

There are different modes of play depending on how many players there are.

  1. Competitive mode
    1. Each player takes 7 blocks in the same colour. Then players place one of their blocks on the highest floor card of the tower.
    2. Then take the first floor card from the stack, lay it on the tower, then put a block on then put a block on the new floor.
    3. The game ends when a player places their last block, or the tower collapses.
  2. Saboteur mode
    1. Each player takes seven blocks of the same colour.
    2. Choose a player to be the saboteur, and they play against the other players who work as a team.
    3. Whoever causes the tower to collapse looses.
  3. Solo
    1. Choose a challenge at the end of the rulebook and play with 1,2 or 3 colours, whichever you choose.
    2. Collapse the tower and you lose!


Crazy Tower can be played three different ways!

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Draw the Line

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Draw lines to win! The sketcher draws a mystery words by connecting icons on the sketchpad, then through sounds and mimes, must act out the word for the teammate to guess. But be quick, you are racing against other teams! Communicate quickly, communicate well!

Jooky Jooky Game box

Jooky Jooky

Chase Jooky the insect through immersive challenges! Armed with your fly swatter, be the first player to complete the challenge card correctly by squashing or picking Jooky up! The quicker you are, the more chance you have of winning!

Do you have the best speed, dexterity and observational skills?

What’s in the box?

  • 50 Challenge cards
  • 5 swatters
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 1 cockroach toy
Match 5 game boxImagination Gaming Best Cross Curriculum Shortlist 2022

Match 5

Can you match all 5?

Think, link and create combinations! Find a common link between two icons on the dice, your imagination is your only limit as you try to find an answer to ten combinations in three minutes.

What’s in the box?

  • 10 unique dice
  • 10 word tiles
  • 1 notepad
  • 1 sand timer

How to play

Match 5 has you finding a common link between 2 concepts. You have three minutes to use your imagination and write down a link for each of the ten dice combinations. If you have the most points after two rounds, you win! Play in the below steps.

  1. Roll the five dice and place each one in the space that matches its colour and symbol.
  2. Flip the sand timer, you now have three minutes to write a link for each of the ten dice combinations on the corresponding spaces of the notepad sheet.
  3. Once time is up, put your pen down, and take turns reading your links out loud, and voting on each others links, one dice combination at a time.
  4. Accepted link: majority of players approve of the link. A contested link: majority of players contest it, then the link is refused.
  5. An accepted link scores one point. Contested links score 0.

After two rounds, add up the points you scored in each round. Whoever has the most points is the winner.


Match 5 encourages thinking outside the box!

Pyramido box leftPyramido Gameplay


The Ancient Pyramids await you in Pyramido. Pharaoh Mido wants his tomb to perfectly reflect his majesty and has decreed that architects (that’s you) must build beautiful jewel encrusted pyramids. Construct the most impressive pyramid to win favour of the Pharaoh and win!

What’s in the box?

  • 90 dominoes
  • 12 resurfacing cards
  • 24 Jewel markers
  • 1 scoring tablet