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Archeologic Box


A new city in the mountains has been discovered! As an archeologist, your mission is to map the discovery. Armed with the Archeoscope, you can decode the messages left by ancient civilisations to find the exact locations of buildings in the city. Archeologic is a competitive deduction game of ancient beauty!

Colt express game boxcolt express spill

Colt Express

It’s a robbery, stick ‘em up!

Scheme, shoot, punch and rob your way to victory as you play as a bandit robbing the Union Pacific Express train. But watch out for other criminals, you want all the loot for yourself!

What’s in the box?

  • 6 Train Cars
  • 1 Locomotive
  • 10 Terrain elements
  • 17 Round Cards
  • 1 Marshal pawn
  • 13 Neutral Bullet cards
  • 6 Character card
  • 60 Action cards
  • 36 Bullet cards
  • 6 Bandit pawn

How to play

Each player chooses a character along with their character card. Shuffle the 10 action cards and each player take $250 purse from the stack.

To win, you need to become the richest bandit in the Old West. To reach this goal, try to get more loot from your opponents, without getting hit by too many bullets and win the title of gunslinger.

The game is played over five rounds, with each round having two phases.

Phase 1. Schemin’! the players play their action cards into a common deck in the centre of the table.

  • In this turn the player has to play an action card face-up from their hand to the common deck
  • Or take three additional cards from his deck and add them to their hand.

Phase 2. Stealin’! The action cards played during Phase 1 are performed.

  • Turn the deck of action cards over without changing the order of the cards
  • The bandits actions are performed one by one starting with the top card.

The round ends and players shuffle their cards

The game ends after five rounds and each player adds up the loot tokens they have on their own character card. The gunslinger prize goes to the player that shot the most bullets. Earning them $1000 extra. The richest player wins the game!


Colt Express can be combined with expansions to enhance gameplay.

Colt Express Big BoxOut of stock

Colt Express Big Box

It’s the biggest train robbery!

Discover the wonderful wild west once again with the base game, and two expansions in one box. Plus, Silk, a brand-new dastardly bandit has crashed into town.

What’s in the box?

The big box contains Colt Express the base game, as well as the two expansions; horses and Stagecoach and Marshal and Prisoners that add many modules of play.

How to play

With the Colt Express base game and two expansions all in one big box, this pack adds several modules of play that you can add to the base game. There is also a brand new bandit, Silk, included in this box.

Follow the rules of Colt Express, add your expansions and play for hours!


A brand new bandit character is included exclusively in this box!

Colt Couriers BoxColt Couriers Components

Colt Express: Couriers and Armored Train

All aboard for another adventure! The famous bandits are after top secret documents. Jump from train to train as the shots ring out! This expansion features a second 3D train, two new bandits, a double team mode and even an AI bandit!

What’s in the box?

  • The Armored Train
  • 21 Round Cards
  • 9 Nudge Cards
  • 10 Neutral Bullet Cards
  • 5 Bags Tokens
  • 2 Purses Tokens
  • 1 Strongbox Token
  • 3 Golden Nugget Tokens
  • 3 Secret Documents Tokens
  • 26 Il Professore Cards
  • 2 x 23 Bandit Cards
  • 2 Bandit Pawns
  • 1 Character Sheet
  • 1 Horse Pawn (can only be used with the Horses & Stagecoach expansion)

How to play:

In this expansion, you play a Bandit member of one of two teams – blue or red – fighting for Loots. Your goal is to be part of the richest team at the end of the game.

The game consists of 5 Rounds, each one divided in the 2 usual phases: Schemin’ (the plan), then Stealin’ (the actions). During the Schemin’ phase, Bandits can communicate, but remember than your opponents can hear you. During the Stealin’ phase, Bandits cannot communicate. Each Bandit must decide on their own what to do with the Action card played or the Nudge card.

With this expansion there are 2 Special Turns you can take, Diversion and Action Plan.

At the end of every Round and after completing the end of Round event, move the Starting Train 2 Cars from the Armored Train and complete the End of Rounds Events:

  • Couriers in movement
  • Heavy fire
  • Swivel Arm
  • Help!
  • Coordinated Action plan
  • Heal

Some differences in the Actions with this expansion include:

  • Punch – when punching, you can now send your target to the adjacent Car of the other Train, on the same floor
  • Move – inside a train, you can move one Car back or forth in your train or move to the adjacent Car of the other train.
  • Fire – inside the train, if your Car is adjacent to the Car of the Train in front of you, you can also shoot a Bandit or a Courier located inside that Car.
  • Nudge – this new Action is specific to the Couriers & Armored Train expansion and to team play. During the Action phase, the Bandit who has played the Nudge card gives one of their team members one Action from the base game.
  • Robbery – use this action to randomly take 1 Loot on your position. Place it face down on your Bandit sheet, you can look at its value
    Il Professore has a list of his own specific actions.

At the end of the game, only Bandits located in the Starting Train add their tally to their team’s total.


This expansion brings two new Bandits and an entire second Train into play to bring a whole new experience to the base game!

Colt express horse and stagecoachcolt express horse and stagecoach spill

Colt Express: Horses and Stagecoach

Its ride or die!

This expansion adds a 3D stagecoach alongside the train from the base game Colt Express. Bandits also ride horses to aid them in robbing the train. Watchout, the stagecoach is protected by a guard!

Collect the strongbox, take hostages for more points and get ready for the ride for your life!

What’s in the box?

  • One stagecoach
  • One shotgun pawn
  • Six horse pawns
  • One strongbox with £1000
  • Five whiskey flasks
  • One old whiskey flask
  • Six ‘ride’ action cards
  • Eight hostage cards
  • Three neutral bullet cards
  • 13 round cards

How to play

This expansion introduces a 3D stagecoach (protected by a guard) that rides alongside the train from the base game. Players now have horses to ride faster and jump higher!

Start the game with a Horse Attack!, all players hold their player or horse pawn in their fist. And reveal them simultaneously. This determines where you start the game. You can start the game in any car except the locomotive.

Ride action: This new action card can be played during the Schemin’ phase. If there is at least one horse at the level of the car where your Bandit is when the actions are resolved, he rides this horse. You can jump from the train from the inside or the roof.

The Stagecoach:

The inside of the stagecoach is reached by going down the roof with an action card.

When a bandit enters the stagecoach, they must have a hostage. You can move to the roof with the appropriate action card. Once on the roof, a bandit can shoot any bandit who is on the train roof.

Angry shotgun: this doesn’t activate until someone tries to steal the strongbox.

The Whiskey Flasks:

They are a new kind of loot you can get by playing a robbery action. Each can be used twice in a game. They allow you to draw 3 cards and play an action card, while the old whiskey flask allows you to play two action cards in a row.

To win the game, points are calculated as usual – adding in the points from the hostages ransoms.


Horses and Stagecoach adds several extra mechanisms to the base game for more ways to play!

Colt super express boxImagination Gaming Awards Seal of Approval 2022Out of stock

Colt Super Express

Bandits have managed to slip through the sheriff’s hands!

Shots are coming from everywhere aboard the union pacific train the wild west! But this time, the train cars are being unhooked one by one to protect the passengers and the bandits are getting kicked off. Who will be the last remaining bandit?

What’s in the box?

  • Seven meeples
  • 38 cards; Eight train cars, one locomotive, one card first player and 6×7 action cards.
  • One rulebook

How to play

The last bandit aboard the train at the end of the game wins. The game is played over a series of rounds, each that have two phases.

Phase 1 – Schemin’! each player chooses three cards and puts them face down. Action cards are resolved from the first card at the top of the stack – order is important.

Phase 2 – Shootin’! One by one each player reveals the action card at the top and applies its effect. Each player only plays one card at a time, then the second on their next turn. The phase ends when all player action cards have been resolved.

At the end of the round, the Caboose comes off and the bandit that is on this car is eliminated.

The game ends immediately when a single bandit is in or above the train, that bandit is the winner.


A new taste of Colt Express with brand new game mechanics

living forest game boxliving forest game components

Living Forest

The forest is on fire and the Sacred Tree is in danger!

Four spirts Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn have been called to rescue the Sacred Tree from the grips of Onibi’s devastating flames.

Plant protective trees, fend off flames, combine valuable elements, and awaken Sanki – the Guardian of the Forest in order to win the title of Grand Protector. But beware, at the end of each turn Onibi attacks again. Can you save the forest in time?

What’s in the box?

  • 14 starting Guardian Animal cards for each of the four spirits of nature.
  • 23 level 1 Guardian Animal cards
  • 16 level 2 Guardian Animal cards
  • 12 level 3 Guardian Animal cards
  • 23 Fire Varan cards

How to Play

In living forest, you play as Spirit’s of Nature trying to save the forest and its sacred tree from Onibi’s relentless attacks.

This can be done in 3 ways:

  • by planting 12 different Protective Trees,
  • by collecting 12 sacred flowers to waken Sanki the great Guardian of the Forest,
  • by extinguishing 12 fires to permanently repel Onibi.

Each turn, you call Guardian Animals which bring some elements to support you in your actions.

Each turn comprises of 3 actions.

The Guardian Animals Phase:

With your team of 14 Guardian Animals, draw and turn face up one after the other, the Guardian Animal cards from your personal draw stack. This is your help line. During this phase you can discard a fragment tile to either; destroy a Fire Varan card you have just drawn or place a Guardian Animal cards that you have just drawn back to your personal discard stack.

Action Phase:

Play in turns, starting with the person possessing the sacred tree.

The strength of the action is determined by the number of elements visible on the Guardian Animal cards in your help line, and on your forest board.

Different actions include:

  • Taking a fragment tile.
  • Attract one of more Guardian Animals and add up their suns.
  • Extinguish the fire by adding up the amount of water elements and pick a fire token with a cost lower than your water symbols to extinguish.
  • Move forward on the circle of spirits. Add up the amount of spirit elements you have and move forward that amount of spaces. This will gain you victory points.
  • Plant one (but only one) Protective tree. Place it on your forest adjacent to another one. This will permanently give you its effect, and provide you with a certain number of elements.

The game ends when a player collects either 12 different protective trees, 12 fires, or 12 sacred flowers.


Living Forest features comprehensive gameplay and stunning artwork.

Living Forest Kodama BoxLiving Forest Kodama components

Living Forest – Kodama

Onibi has never been more dangerous! He has set foot in the Circle of Spirits and flames continue to threaten all living things in the forest. In this expansion, Sanki has sent small beings of light, Kodama, to help the Spirits of Nature battle these devastating flames.

This new expansion brings flowers to your help line, new guardian animals and new protective trees to help wage (and win) the battle to save the forest.

Medieval Academy Box

Medieval Academy

Squires, welcome to the Medieval Academy! Here you begin your training to master the arts of knighthood, compete in challenges and complete dangerous quests. Draft cards to move around the board and make choices at every turn. Will you take enough risks to prove yourself the best Knight in training? Chivalry is a future proof career plan!