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Schmidt Animal Kingdom JigsawSchmidt Animal Kingdom Jigsaw

Animal Kingdom, 1000 pcs


Features a beautiful image of some of your favourite animals from across the Planet.

A challenge for any puzzler!

The completed puzzle measures: 693 mm x 493 mm.

Brikks Strategy Board Game



It’s Tabletop tetris!

Place falling blocks onto your grid to score the most points. You can use energy points to rotate the blocks. If you don’t want a piece you can use a bomb to blow it up, but it will cost you! As soon as you can no longer place a block in your grid, the game is over!

What’s in the box?

  • Game sheets
  • Two die
  • Pens

How to play:

On your turn, roll both dice. The die with the numbers determines the vertical column, while the coloured die determines the horizontal line. The block that has been determined by both dice has to be used by ALL players.

Marking down means that blocks always fall down from the top to the bottom until they hit the bottom or get stuck on another block. Every player gets to decide where a block falls down. At the place where a block stops falling down the player draws the outline of the block and makes a cross in every square of the block. While falling down, a block can be moved to the left or to the right in order to move it in a matching gap or to manoeuvre it through a narrow place.

Energy points that have been marked by a circle around them on the energy bar have been activated and can be used for one of the following actions:

  • To rotate blocks.
  • For five energy points a player can exchange the current block for a block of their choice.

A player drops out of the game when they are no longer able to completely fit a block on their game sheet. The other players continue the game until they are also no longer able to fit a block on their game sheet.

The player with the most points wins!


One of many Schmidt roll-and-writes!

Cat Selfie JigsawCat Selfie Jigsaw

Cat Selfie, 500 pcs


From renowned jigsaw makers, Schmidt.

This bright and colourful 500-piece jigsaw features a cute ‘Cat Selfie’.

Schmidt Colin Thompson Noah's Ark JigsawSchmidt Colin Thompson Noah's Ark Jigsaw

Colin Thompson – Noah’s Ark, 1000 pcs


A challenging puzzle full of subtle colour and intricate detail.

Inspired by Surrealism, this unique image of Noah’s Ark is from artist Colin Thompson.

As you put it together you notice little touches of humour throughout.

Digger Puzzle and Play JigsawDigger Puzzle and Play Jigsaw

Digger Puzzle & Play


From renowned jigsaw maker Schmidt, comes this 40-piece Digger puzzle.

This puzzle is perfect for any machinery fan aged 4+.

The puzzle comes with a SIKU figure, so play continues after completion!

Schmidt Discover the World JigsawSchmidt Discover the World Jigsaw

Discover the World, 1000 pcs


A fantastic 1000 piece world map jigsaw featuring all the iconic landmarks from all over the globe!

A challenge for any puzzler!

The completed puzzle measures: 493 mm x 693 mm.

Dizzle Strategy Board GameDizzle Strategy Board Game



Take turns to pick up dice from the middle of the table and place them on your sheet. The next dice you take must match the others… watch out for the bombs!

With four levels of difficulty, you can keep rolling until you become a certified Dizzle superstar!

What’s in the box?

  • One pad with four different levels
  • Four pens
  • 13 dice

How to play:

On your turn, roll all the dice and sort the dice in ascending order. In a clockwise direction, everyone takes exactly one die and puts it on a field on their game sheet. The following rules apply:

  • The die must be put on an unused field.
  • The die must be put on the fields matching the number of pips.
  • Every player must put their first die chosen horizontally or vertically next to any field that has already been crossed out.

If there is no available field next to already placed dice you can “jump”. Jumping means that the player can put the next die on any available field next to an X on their game sheet. Only when a player is no longer able to place dice according to the rules are they allowed to choose to roll again or drop out. When all players but one have dropped out, the last active player has exactly one more opportunity to choose a die.

The game ends once all rounds have been played. Points are now awarded. Each player adds up the points they earned for special fields minus the points for bombs and brown piles.

Whoever earned the most points wins the game.


One of many Schmidt roll-and-writes!

Four modes of play in the box.

Dog Selfie JigsawDog Selfie Jigsaw

Dog Selfie, 500 pcs


From renowned jigsaw makers, Schmidt.

This bright and colourful 500-piece jigsaw features a cute ‘Dog Selfie’.