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decrypto party board gamedecrypto components party board game



Communicate safely! Join the greatest Encryptor team in the world!

Your mission: transmit secret codes to your teammates without letting the opposing team intercept.

Decrypto is a “scramble communication” game: you must give clues to your teammates that are precise enough so they can understand you, but vague enough to make sure your opponents don’t get the message…

What’s in the box?

  • 110 keyword cards
  • One sand timer
  • Two screens
  • Eight tokens
  • 48 code cards
  • 50 note sheets

How to play:

Each round, both teams appoint one of their members to be the Encryptor, whose job is to transmit a secret three-digit code to their teammates without the opposing team intercepting the code.

To transmit their codes (a sequence of three numbers, like 4-2-1), each team has four keywords numbered 1 to 4 that all team members can see, but are hidden from the opposing team. These remain the same for the duration of the game. To transmit their three-digit code, the Encryptor comes up with three clues (one per digit). Each clue refers to one keyword.

The clues are written on the three lines of the current round on their team’s note sheet.

Both team’s Encryptors read their three clues out loud and give their teammates the note sheet.

The members of both teams quietly discuss the clues, trying to work out the code. When the members of one of the teams think that they have solved the code, they write the number down.

Both teams attempt an interception by reading out the three-digit code that they have written, hoping to match the other team’s code.

If you succeed in guessing the opposing team’s code, you win an Interception Token. If a team isn’t able to guess the code given by their own Encryptor, they receive a Miscommunication Token.

Over the course of the game, if you manage to get two Interception Tokens, your team wins! If you get two Miscommunication Tokens, your team loses…


For further secret coding fun, try the expansion Decrypto: Laserdrive!

Decrypto Laserdrive Expansion Party GameDecrypto Laserdrive Expansion Party Game

Decrypto Laserdrive (Expansion)


The world of communication enters a new era thanks to Laser Discs! This cutting-edge technology promises to reinvent how we communicate with each other. The future is now in Decrypto: Laserdrive – the expansion to the amazing Decrypto!

A copy of Decrypto is required to play.

What’s in the box?

  • 53 drive cards
  • Six laser tokens
  • Two interception tokens

How to play:

Set up as you would to play the base game. Shuffle the drive cards and place them in a facedown pile in the middle of the table. Place the laser tokens near the Interception and Miscommunication tokens.

At the beginning of each turn, reveal a drive card. Each Encryptor must make sure that at least one of their three clues respects the category on the drive card. For example, if it calls for a movie title, at least one of the three clues must be a movie title.

If none of your clues correspond to the category, you receive a Miscommunication token. A clue must fully comply with the drive card’s category – you cannot add or make anything up!

An Encryptor can, if they wish, use three clues that correspond to the required category. If they do so, their team receives a laser token immediately after the clues have been read (it does not depend on the success of your communication).

A team may never have more than three laser tokens. At the end of every round you may attempt to guess one of the opposing team’s keywords to earn an Interception token. To do this, simply announce your intent to do so, and return two of your laser tokens to the supply.

The opposing team must immediately decide whether they will do the same  When making an attempt, you must specify which keyword you are targeting, and say a single word.

If you guess the keyword exactly, you receive an Interception token. If not, nothing happens.

A team may now end a round (and the game) with three Interception tokens, even though only two are required to win.

Flash 8 Scorpion Masque Party GameFlash 8 Scorpion Masque Party Game

Flash 8


Play in a flash! Speed through the city!

Line up your electrons to get the current flowing and frustrate your opponents in the process. To win, reproduce the configurations as fast as you can. That’s all!

What’s in the box?

  • Four player tablets
  • 32 electron tokens
  • 52 game cards
  • Three high score cards

How to play:

When everyone is ready, give the start signal. All players play at the same time and as quickly as possible, there are no game turns. Each player moves the electrons on their tablet to try to reproduce any of the configurations shown on the cards in the middle of the table.

Electrons are moved one at a time by sliding them with a finger into a “free” space on the player’s tablet. When a player perfectly reproduces any one of the combinations shown in the middle, they say, loudly, “FLASH”. They first confirm with the other players that they’ve correctly reproduced the configuration of one of the cards.

The player then takes the card and places it next to them, revealing the next card in the stack. Play resumes immediately.

The game ends when there are no cards left in the middle of the table. Each player tallies their points by counting the cards they have collected. Each card is worth 1 point, except for those marked with 2 stars, which are worth 2 points. The player with the highest total wins.


Flash 8 is the modernised version of a well-known classic; the question is not if you can do it, it’s how fast! Because the game plays non-stop through to the end, Flash 8 is one of the most dynamic games ever!

master word iello party gamemaster word iello party game

Master Word


Are you as clever as a fox? As dogged as a bloodhound? Do you have an eagle-eye for details? Pool your team’s resources together to seek out the Master Word!

What’s in the box?

  • 150 Master Word cards
  • One card holder
  • 30 clue cards
  • Three solution cards
  • Five markers
  • One cloth
  • One separator
  • 24 tokens

How to play:

Master Word is a co-operative word-based deduction game in which players have to work together to try to find a secret word from a single starting hint.

Each game, a guide selects a card, looks at the master word, then shows the other players (seekers) the starting hint.

The seekers then have 90 seconds to discuss and each write a clue on a card, which they place in a row.

Once this is done, the guide places a number of tokens at the end of the row equal to the number of clues that are “on the right track” toward the master word. The only catch: the seekers don’t know which clues the tokens refer to!

If the seekers write the master word on a solution card before the end of seven rounds, everyone wins!

If they fail to do this or if they accidentally write the master word on a clue card, everyone loses!

Follow the Guide, find the Master Word!

Stay Cool Party GameStay Cool Party Game

Stay Cool


Are you an expert at multi-tasking?

Two players bombard you with questions, some you answer out loud and some you answer with dice.

Keep your cool and answer as many as you can in the time given. It couldn’t be easier to stay cool…

What’s in the box?

  • 50 verbal question cards
  • 50 written question cards
  • Seven letter dice
  • One sand timer
  • One timer card

How to play:

Choose the first active player – they take the dice. The player to their right will be the Written Interrogator – they take a red card. The player on their left will be the Verbal Interrogator – they take a teal card. Another player will be the Timekeeper – they take the timer and the timer card. If there are only three players, the Written Interrogator takes care of the timer.

A game is played in three rounds. Each player plays one turn per round. The two Interrogators bombard the active player with questions. That player must answer as many questions as possible within the time limit.

Red cards are answered by spelling the answer with the dice. Teal cards are answered verbally.

Each round gets progressively harder with the parameters of each round shifting around the use of the timer.

1st round: answer as many questions as possible in the 2 minute time limit.

2nd round: the active player must tell the timekeeper to flip the timer BEFORE the sand has run out by yelling “timer!” for each 30 second interval.

3rd round: the timer is hidden from the active player and they must still tell the timekeeper to flip the timer BEFORE the sand has run out.

Each player totals the points they scored during all three rounds. In case of a tie, the player who scored the most points in the 3rd round wins. If the game is still tied, all tied players share their victory.


Stay Cool was developed by the gameplay wizards, Scorpion Masque, who also created Decrypto and Master Word.

Zombie Kidz Evolution Childrens Board GameZombie Kidz Evolution Components Childrens Board Game

Zombie Kidz Evolution


Zombies have invaded your school! Everyone else is running away, so you’ll have to be the one to beat back these creatures!

Can you lock all four doors before the zombies take over?

What’s in the box?

  • One double-sided game board
  • One zombie die
  • Four hero tokens
  • Eight zombie tokens
  • Four lock tokens
  • Eight plastic standees
  • 13 sealed evolution envelopes

How to play:

Depending on player count, you’ll need to either play the ‘day’ or ‘night’ version of the school.

On your turn, you complete the following actions in order:

  1. Roll the zombie die, then place the first zombie in the line in the room of the same colour as the die. If the result is “white”, good news! No zombie will enter the school!
  2. Move your hero to an adjacent space or leave them where they are.
  3. Eliminate the zombies on the space in which your hero is located.
  4. If your hero is located on the same entryway as another hero, high-five the other player then place a lock on that entryway.

You can kick out up to 2 zombies per turn, but watch out, once 3 zombie enter a room, you’re barred!

To win, you’ll need to lock all the doors. If there are no zombies in the reserve, this means the zombies have taken over the school and you have lost.

After each game, give yourself a sticker on the tracker!


Zombie Kidz Evolution is the first legacy-style game for kids, the more you play, the more the game transforms! Complete special missions to unlock new features. In time, you’ll gain new powers, but be careful, the zombies will become more ferocious as well…

Once the game has been completed, there are two further missions to complete. You can also colour in your favourite characters.

zombie teenz evolutionzombie teenz evolution

Zombie Teenz Evolution


Zombies are wreaking havoc! Can you find the antidote before it is too late? Packed full with missions and mystery envelopes, Zombie Teenz will evolve and change right before your eyes.

Zombie Teenz is a standalone game, however it can be combined with Zombie Kidz for double the trouble!