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3 Things Party Game3 Things Party Game

3 Things


You’ve got 30 seconds and a collection of random objects to choose from. Can you figure out a way to get through a crazy survival scenario? Think fast to piece together your plan! It better be good though; there are only so many rations that you can win and you never know what your fellow competitors have up their sleeves…

3 Things is a witty game of ridiculous persuasion, perfect for your most creative group of friends.

What’s in the box?

  • 80 scenario cards
  • 110 survival item cards
  • 150 scoring rations
  • One whistle

How to play:

Each round, one player serves as the Judge. The Judge reads a scenario card to the group. Each player then races to gather three items that they think would help them survive the given scenario within 30 seconds.

In turn, players explain to the Judge how their three things will allow them to survive. The Judge awards ration tokens in the denominations of one, two or three points, based on how many of the three things are deemed acceptable to survive in the scenario.

Once every player has served as the Judge, the game is over and the player with the most rations is the winner. In the event of a tie, players participate in a final round using random things to solve a scenario.


3 Things comes in a nifty zip travel bag, and also bundled is a handy safety whistle – should a survival situation ever arise…

Keep it Clean Party GameKeep it Clean Party Game

Keep it Clean


The edgy, play-on-words game! You don’t need to know what the innuendos mean in Keep it Clean!

Score points by having the most creative and “strictly innocent” alternative definition for phrases like “Well Hung” and “Top Heavy”.

A must-have for lovers of wit and words, with extra spice!

What’s in the box?

  • 200 cards
  • One sand timer
  • One pad of paper

How to play:

Choose a judge to draw a card and read the phrase out loud.

Write a clean, clever alternative meaning to the phrase.

Be judged. If the judge is shocked by your answer, no points for you! Only unique, squeaky-clean answers are awarded a point. The judge may also award an extra point to especially virtuous responses.

The player with the most points after all players have judged two rounds is the winner.


Keep It Clean is part of the Sheninigames range from MindWare.

Record Deal Party GameRecord Deal Party Game

Record Deal


You don’t need to be a good singer, have had a troubled childhood or beat the devil in a fiddle-off to be a star. Record Deal is the game of ludicrous lyrics paired with 16 song styles. Will you be singing a Doo-Wop version of “Pancakes ” or jamming out to a reggae rendition of “Dad Pants?”  Earn Record Deals by getting the most votes each round – whether your performance is hilarious or hilariously bad!

What’s in the box?

  • 192 song cards
  • 12 voting chips
  • Seven record deal tokens
  • Six fire the band tokens
  • One genre spinner
  • One dry-erase marker

How to play:

Draw two song cards.

Spin to determine your music style from 16 different backbeats. Stream it right from your internet-connected device.

Choose one of your songs to perform. Sing, croon, rap or shout the words from your song card. Add your own twist to the lyrics to impress your friends. Bust out dance moves that would disappoint your dad.

Vote for your favourite, hilarious – or hilariously bad – performances each round.

Earning the most votes gets you a record deal. Get two record deals to win the game!


Record Deal is part of the Sheninigames range from MindWare. Use your internet-connected device to enhance the game with different backbeats.

Unicorns and Urinals Party GameUnicorns and Urinals Party Game

Unicorns & Urinals


Unicorns and Urinals is the gabby game of this and that.

Task your team to guess weird word pairs – like chains and cherries or ninjas and nightgowns.

Don’t doddle though, opposing players can usurp the urinal cake and pilfer your points if you wait too long!

And remember, you can lead a unicorn to a urinal, but you can’t make it pee!

What’s in the box?

  • 330 cards
  • One sand timer
  • One plastic urinal cake

How to play:

Team up and decide who will be the first clue giver. Then, decide whether you’ll guess green or purple pairs, either is fine!

Start the timer and try to guess as many wacky word pairs as you can in a minute. Clue givers– be careful not to say the word itself or which letter begins both words. You can pass on as many words as you’d like.

Pay attention opposing teams: you can steal the urinal cake if the group guessing can’t get a word pair in time and you know the answer. Don’t worry – the urinal cake is plastic and squeaky clean…

Keep score of how many cards you get right. Whoever has the most after four rounds, wins!


Keep It Clean is part of the Sheninigames range from MindWare.