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Magic maze game boxmagic maze game components

Magic Maze

It’s a robbery!

Four heroes have been stripped of their possessions and are forced to rob the local Magic Maze shopping mall. Without speaking, work together to pull off the heist, evade the guards and locate the exit.

Each player can control any hero, but only in the direction that is on their unique action card.

What’s in the Box?

  • 24 Mall tiles
  • Four Hero pawns in different colours
  • 12 Out of Order tokens
  • Nine Action tiles for 2- to 8-player games, and 7 Action tiles for 1-player games
  • One three-minute sand timer
  • One “Do Something!” pawn
  • One Score-sheet The Great Book of Challenges (also available on our website, in case you need a new sheet)
  • One Theft tile
  • One sheet of stickers to stick on the Hero pawns (if you wish) which allows people with altered colour perception to recognise them.

How to play

To set up the game, follow the instructions for the scenario you choose to play, which details how to set up the mall tile deck. The place that starting tile in the middle of the table.

Place your action card infront of you so everyone can see it – make sure it is pointing north!

Magic Maze is played in the following order

  1. Explore the shopping mall, partially or completely.
  2. Move each hero pawn onto the item space of that heroes colour.
  3. When all heroes are at their respective spaces they steal items, and then it’s time to make your escape without being caught.
  4. When all pawns have left the building you win!

The catch is, you cannot communicate throughout this entire game!


Magic Maze reinforces team work skills!

Magic Maze Kids Boxmagic maze game components

Magic Maze Kids

The King turned himself into a frog!

In an experiment gone awry, the King is now a frog and it’s your job to fix him! Gather your friends; the prince, princess, knight and wizard for a magical, cooperative adventure to find potion ingredients to cure him.

Everyone controls all the heroes, but each player holds a unique direction card. Can you beat all the levels?

What’s in the box?

  • Four double sided game boards
  • Six creature pawns
  • Four hero pawns
  • One cauldron
  • 52 ingredient tokens
  • Four action tokens
  • One sand timer
  • 26 mission cards
  • One time marker
  • One king card
  • One summary card

How to play:

Magic Maze Kids is a cooperative game in which you work together in order to achieve a common goal. You all win or lose together.

In Magic Maze Kids, you don’t control a specific character: instead, any player can move any pawn at any time, but, you can only move them in a direction depicted on the action tile in front of you. Cooperation is key!

There are several different boards and ‘modes’ you would like to play and then follow the rules step by step. (it’s always good to start in order) Each of the game boards add on different challenges.

  1. Select the game board matching to the tutorial or game mode you want to play, and place it in the middle of the play area.
  2. Assemble the cauldron
  3. Place the ingredient tokens next to the board so they are easy to reach.
  4. Place your action tiles infront of you with North pointing the same direction as north on the game board. Ensure that everyone’s tiles are visible. You are ready to play!
  5. Work together to complete the tasks that are in each game, and ultimately brew a potion to cure the king.

There is no communicating out loud during this game!


There are 4 different game modes you can play!

magic maze on mars game boxmagic maze on mars components

Magic Maze on Mars

Magic Maze made it to mars!

Brave earthlings have set out to colonise mars, they are waiting in orbit while the robots complete construction of habitable domes. Play as the robots trying to build the domes for the settlers to reside before they arrive. Fast and accurate work is essential, but watch the clock, or you will run out of oxygen!

What’s in the box?

  • One warehouse board
  • Six action tiles
  • One communication board
  • One sand timer
  • One ‘do something!’ pawn
  • 21 mars tiles
  • Four sand timer tokens
  • Various tokens; two space slug pawns, 10 trash pawns, three wild tokens, five colonist pawns, five dome tokens, two resource pawns


How to play

Magic Maze on Mars is a real time, cooperative game. Each player is in charge of a specific action and you might be the only person who can perform that action. You can play as any hero, at any time as long as you are following the rules of the action card.

This requires rigorus cooperation between players in order to move the pawns wisely. Oh, and one more thing, you are unable to speak! You are only able to communicate with each other in very specific periods of the game, the rest of the time, you must work without making a sound.

Everyone wins the game if each colonist pawn reaches a habitable dome within the time limit, but you must build the domes first. When you start the game, you will be under the confines of the sand time, but there are are sand timer spaces that will increase the time.

Explpore new areas, build domes, gather resources and work together to colonise mars!


There are five modules to this game to provide a variety to gameplay.

hidden roles game boxHidden roles components

Magic Maze: Hidden Roles

There is a traitor in your midst!

In this expansion of Magic Maze – your group of adventurers is still trying to grab the correct items and exit the maze, but one person is trying the thwart the team from exiting. BUT they will need to be sneaky if they get called out during the game, then someone else will steal their direction card and take charge.

Can you make others help you achieve your hidden goal?

What’s in the box?

  • 53 Role cards
  • One “I’ve got my eye on you” card
  • Two warning cards

How to play

Hidden Roles is an expansion to Magic Maze. It is designed to increase interaction in Magic Maze and make it a semi-cooperative game. Each player receives a secret role, possibly becoming a traitor, or getting a secret mission, or following their own special rules.

Like Magic Maze, the expansion is divided into five difficulty levels so you can learn the game gradually.

Level 1 – There is a traitor among you, play with the cards labelled ‘A.’ One person will play as the traitor, and the others must be the heroes.

Level 2 – Multiple traitors, play with the cards labelled ‘B.’ Now there are between zero and three traitors in the game.

Level 3 – Missions and special rules, play with the cards marked ‘C.’ Here there will be traitors and you will need to complete missions with special rules.

Level 4 – Particular Circumstances, play with cards labelled ‘D.’ Here the traoitor can switch sides during the game when special conditions are met.

Level 5 – Missions for traitors, play with the cards labelled ‘E.’ this gives traitors secret missions that they must complete.


You will need silent cooperation to win this game!

maximum security game boxmaximum security components

Magic Maze: Maximum Security

Time to sneak past the maximum security!

For some time, Magic Maze has been robbed by dastardly adventurers! Management has installed new security systems in an attempt to catch the thieves. This expansion brings the mall guards to life, and provides other modules of play.

What’s in the box?

  • Four guard pawns
  • 13 mall tiles
  • One beholder on a plastic stand
  • Various tokens: (6 Anti-Stress tokens [1 Sand Timer, 2 Swap, 3 Loudspeaker] + 4 Ventilation Shaft tokens [2 dark gray, 2 light gray] + 3 Wall Breach tokens + 2 Telekinesis tokens + 10 Spell tokens + 12 Out of Order tokens + 1 Sensor token + 1 Busy token [Ice Cream]) + 2 Spell rings

How to play

Maximum Security contains 13 modules to use in whatever combination you like to enhance your games.

It is recommended to start out by reading about the guards and anti stress tokens and the details of each expansion module.

This expansion brings the mall guards to life, and you are able to customise your gaming experience by combining different modules. ‘Helpers’ that decrease the difficulty, and ‘challenges’ which increase the difficulty.

Happy playing!


The rules include a checklist at the end so you can tick off your progress!