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Dream Catcher


All is not well in dreamland – nightmares are taking over! Luckily, the cuddly toys are here to help banish the nightmares. Collect dream tokens and be the first to fill up your cloud to sleep sweetly once again.

What’s in the box?

  • Four comfy boards
  • 54 dream tokens
  • One pillow bag
  • Eight cuddly toy round tiles
  • 30 nightmare tokens

How to play:

On the player’s turn, they must choose a cuddly toy that fully covers the nightmare in the middle of the table to gain tokens and make sweet dreams.

After placing the first nightmare card in the middle of the table, each player chooses a cuddly toy tile which, according to them, will fully cover the card’s nightmare.

Once the first player has chosen their cuddly toy, they place it on their board. The next player does the same and chooses their cuddly toy tile. Once all the players have chosen their cuddly toys, they move on to the next phase.

Each player, then places the cuddly toy tile they chose on the nightmare card. Players are allowed to move the cuddly toy until they position it in the best possible way on the nightmare.

There are two possible outcomes:

  • If the cuddly toy tile does not fully cover the nightmare, the player does not gain any dream tokens because the nightmare was too much…
  • If the cuddly toy fully covers the nightmare, it disappears and becomes a sweet dream!

The player then draws as many dream tokens from the pillow bag as there are stars on the chosen cuddly toy.

The first player to fill their board with 12 dream tokens, wins!


 Dream Catcher has two extra gameplay modes for extended play!

Yum Yum Island Children's Board GameYum Yum Island Children's Board Game

Yum Yum Island


Once upon a time, on Yum Yum Island, a pig, a panda, and other animals of all kinds used to live together in peace until the day when the Giant devoured all their food!

Your mission, as crew members of the Pelican 1 Air Squadron is to rescue the animals by airdropping them food… Be careful though, the bad weather will interfere with your mission!

What’s in the box?

  • One giant (his name is Ferdinand!)
  • Four trees
  • 12 animals
  • One giant turtle
  • 70 food tokens (pink represents meat and green is for veg
  • Five pairs of aviator goggles
  • One die

How to play:

Yum Yum Island is a cooperative game. You have to feed the animals by dropping food tokens into their mouths… blindfolded!

For your first game, you’ll use the Lion, the Spider, the Panda, the Kangaroo, the Pig, and the Mama Elephant. When it’s your turn, you’re the squadron leader. Roll the die and apply its result:

  • Take one green food token and one pink token and place them in the giant’s throat.
  • Attempt to feed the animals!

Pick the animal you want to feed and memorise what food tokens you need! Lower your goggles and collect the food tokens you need in one go. Pile them up and drop them into the mouth of your chosen animal.

Food tokens that do not directly land in the animal’s mouth are immediately placed in the giant’s mouth and pushed down his throat!

Each animal has a specific food diet (except for the pig that eats everything!) If food tokens that do not match the food diet of the animal land in its mouth (wrong colour or token(s) in excess), they too are placed in the giant’s mouth. So you have to be careful!

You successful rescue animals once they have received the right food. Some animals have special effects when they are rescued. To win the game you’ll need to rescue all the animals!
If the giant’s throat is full or you run out of food tokens, unfortunately the game is lost.


There are variations to increase the difficulty and make it more challenging!