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Cheating Moth Card GameCheating Moth Card Game

Cheating Moth


Is cheating wrong? Not in this cheeky card game – in fact, you have to cheat to win!

You can drop them on the floor, hide them up your sleeve or wherever you can.

But be careful, you’ll be in big trouble if the Guard Bug catches you!

Cockroach Poker Card GameCockroach Poker Card Game

Cockroach Poker


Can you keep a poker face and bluff your way to victory?

Stink bugs, toads and rats are just some of the creatures in this bug-rilliant game.

As soon as a player has four f a kind, or when a player no cards left to pass, they lose – and everyone else wins!

Magic Labyrinth Children's Board GameMagic Labyrinth Children's Game

Magic Labyrinth


The little magician apprentices have lost some magic objects inside of the master’s maze. Collect them all before the master notices, or you’ll be in trouble!

A maze is constructed under the game board and once in place, it becomes invisible. In this charming memory game, you’ll have to make your way through the maze by means of a good memory and lots of skill!

Can you find the treasures hidden in the labyrinth?