Coiledspring Games search the world in the name of fun, seeking out the best games, puzzles and toys. We only choose products of the highest quality that deliver substance, value and above all, are great fun.

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Innovative puzzles of famous cities around the world

Games that last through generations & create cherished moments

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein

The Brainwright collection is is made up of brainteasers, mind-benders, and logic puzzles for "curious minds." There's something for all ages and abilities at Brainwright. Have a look around... We think you'll love the challenge!

Creators of TENZI the fast fun frenzy!

Amusing and engaging family games.

Fun and educational children's and family games.

Founded in 1919, Gibsons have been entertaining generations for almost a century and are proud of their rich, British heritage. Gibsons’ focus is on providing fun family pastimes for all ages which is achieved by using only the highest quality materials for their superb jigsaw puzzles and board games.

221b Baker Street, Pass the Bomb and Diplomacy are just some of the captivating games Gibsons manufacture. From traditional classics such as Chess, Draughts and Shut the Box, to family favourites such as Mind the Gap, Snakes & Ladders and Wembley, Gibsons produce a variety of entertaining games that can be enjoyed by all!

Helvetiq's games range from family fun to party games.

Established in 2008, Helvetiq designs playful experiences for casual gamers and design lovers. They spoil Swiss fans while also entertaining supporters from around the world, with more than 40 games published in 15 languages.

Hub Games are a group of talented individuals who combine their skills every day to make incredible play experiences for all kinds of gamers.

IELLO specialise in games that are rich with graphics, beautiful in design, and innovative in game play.

They believe in the ability of games to bring people together. Their goal is to bring the world games that are irresistible: games that are intriguing enough to pick up and impossible to put down. From children's and family games, to party and card games, to strategy games of every variety, their aim is to provide games of high quality and immense replayability.

Games from NorthStar are always fun, simple to learn, and bursting with personality. Created by artists with a lifelong passion for game design, it's their inspiration and years of dedication that give the games such great personality!


Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag GmbH is an innovative manufacturer of card, dice and parlor games.

Purple Brain Creations is a French board game publisher and editor based in Bordeaux, France.

Germany's second largest jigsaw supplier and family game manufacturer.

Le Scorpion Masqué is a game publisher based in Montreal, Quebec. He travels around the world looking for new adventures. As a Hero with no fear, he fights bad humour and spreads joy wherever he goes (and he goes everywhere!).

Talisman is a fantasy-themed game from Games Workshop. It takes you on a journey through magical lands, as you endeavour to reclaim the Crown of Command. Each turn will see your hero advancing, battling, gaining knowledge and power necessary to defeat the guardians lurking between the Portal of Power and the Valley of Fire.

Three Magicians makes sophisticated games for kids with a magic spark.

Innovative 3D jigsaw puzzles