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A Fistful o Daisies 3D boxA Fistful o Daisies board

A Fistful of Daisies

It’s a cow fight! In the valley of Herens, the flowers are delicious and perfect for eating. In this dice drafting game, cows battle each other to win these tasty treats then make it back to the cowshed first. But beware, some cows may challenge you to a duel!

Nothing will stop them from getting a fistful of daisies!

What’s in the box?

  • One large pen gameboard
  • Four cow figurines
  • Four dice including one special die
  • 45 grass tokens
  • 18 clover tokens
  • Four personal boards
  • Four player aid tiles
  • One duel token

How to play:

You are an alpine cow strolling through the meadow and munch on the flowers on your personal board. You will need to defend your little patch of greenery when other cows try to taste your daisies.

The first player rolls the dice inside the pen and choose one (except the special die) to place on their personal board. Once the die has been chosen, the player either moves their cow clockwise the number spaces on the die, or leave their cow on the space.

Once you are on a space you can;

  • Eat a flower – you cover a flower matching the colour of the space occupied by the cow with a grass token on your personal board.
  • Eat a clover – you take a clover token and place it next to their player aid tile. Once you get four clover tokens you can replace it with a flower.

If a cow moves to an occupied space, that cow provokes a duel! Put two cows in the en horn to horn, then press down on their tail ends untll they flip. Whoever’s cow lands with the most spots facing up, wins the duel. And wins clover tokens.

The game ends when a player has retrieved all the flowers from their personal board, then made it back to the cowshed space. At the end of the final round, all players with their personal boards full and back in the cowshed win!


A Fistful of Daisies has a strategic variant for an extra challenge and a two-player variant.

Bubble Stories board game boxBubble stories board game stack

Bubble Stories

Step into the bubbling world of amazing stories, where you are the hero!

Explore worlds card after card, all the different places you can visit! Enjoy each location along the way, collect the star cards and discover magical things that are hidden at the end of each adventure. But make sure you watch out for dead ends!

What’s in the box?

  • 72 cards – divided into four different packets. Each packet is one adventure.
    • Six green cards – learn to play
    • 20 orange cards
    • 22 purple cards
    • 24 blue cards
    • In each packet, there are several Star, Dead End and Character cards – there are different quantities in each adventure packet

How to play:

Your goal: to find all the star cards shown on the objective card for the adventure you are playing.

Each adventure you take part in, choose the places you want to explore! Take the card the corresponds to a bubble, carefully examine each image, and gather all the star cards together to reach your objective.

Choose the packet of cards with the adventure you want to take part in.

Place the objective card (star) face down without looking. Spread all the other cards out bubble side up. Turn the starting card over, image side up and carefully examine the different places you can visit. Each place is unique and indicated by a clear bubble.

Once you choose the area you want to explore, take the card with the matching bubble and turn it over in front of you, this will reveal more places you can visit! As you explore, try to visit all the right places to find all the star cards shown on the objective cards.

If you come across a card with a red square, that is a dead-end card – there is nothing to find here! Try to avoid these if you can.

Your adventure ends when you have found all the star cards shown on the objective card.


Bubble stories can be played solo. There are plenty of different adventures and you can re-do each adventure from the start, as many times as you want!

Carla Caramel box

Carla Caramel

Ice cream fun at the fairgrounds. It’s a hot day and kids are lined up at Carla’s Ice Cream stand, it’s your job to get ice cream into the kids hands before the sun melts the delicious goodness. Roll the die to add flavours, move the sun or hand an ice cream to a kid. Once everyone has an ice cream, you win!

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Ice Cream Stand in two pieces
  • 5 Kid cards
  • 6 Ice Cream Cones
  • 24 Ice Cream Scoop tokens
  • 1 Sun token
  • 1 Coin
Cortex Challenge Kids game boxCortex challenge kids components

Cortex Challenge Kids

Challenge your brain!

Get ready for an exciting, brain busting game that tests your memory and quick thinking skills. Compete in eight different puzzles to challenge your brain power with touch tests, memory, mazes and so much more.

What’s in the box?

  • 90 Cards
    • 74 test cards
    • Six touch challenge cards
    • Ten raised touch cards
  • Six brain jigsaws

How to play:

Start by laying the 10 touch cards on the table. All players look at them and feel them for about 30 seconds. The pack of touch cards is then set aside. Shuffle the test and challenge cards and put them into a single stack, face down in the middle of the table.

Playing the game: Turn over the top card in the centre stack. All players look at the code and try to find the answer. When you think you have the answer, immediately put you hand over the card. Say the answer out loud and see if it is correct.

Correct answer – the player wins that card and places it infront of them.

Wrong answer – The player must give up the card and cannot give an answer in the next round.

The first player to complete their brain jigsaw wins the game.


There are eight types of test; memory, maze. odd one out, coordination, duplicates, frequency, reasoning, touch challenge.


Cortex challenge kids 2 game boxCortex Challenge kids 2 game components

Cortex Challenge Kids 2

Challenge your brain…again!

Compete in round two of the Cortex Challenge, the ultimate brain power test! Race to beat other players in matching puzzles, remember objects, or even routes to escape mazes. It’s hours of brain busting fun.

You brain power will be stretched to the max.

What’s in the box?

  • 90 Cards
    • 74 test cards
    • Six touch challenge cards
    • Ten raised touch cards
  • Six brain jigsaws

How to play:

Turn over the top card in the centre stack. All players look at the code and try to find the answer. When you think you have the answer, immediately put you hand over the card. Say the answer out loud and see if it is correct.

If the answer is correct, the player wins that card and places it on their brain infront of them

If the answer is wrong, a player can’t give an answer on the next round.

The first player to complete their brain jigsaw wins the game. Good luck!


Cortex Kids 2 features brand new challenge cards for twice the fun.

Cosmic Race LOKI gameCosmic Race SetUp

Cosmic Race

Intergalactic pilots, it’s your time to shine! Line up to participate in the super space race. But, pay attention to other spaceships, asteroids and other obstacles that can slow you down. Cross the finish line and collect the most stars to win!

3…2…1..lift off!

What’s in the box?

  • Four control panels
  • Four player spaceships
  • Five obstacle spaceships
  • Nine steering tiles
  • Seven track tiles + one fuel station tile
  • 20 star tokens
  • Four trophies
  • Six bonus tokens
  • One LOKI figure

How to play:

The goal of the game is to gain as many points as possible by winning a trophy and gaining stars along the race track.

On your turn you can:

Decide to reveal a tile, and apply its effect, then leave it face up and make a new decision. OR decide to stop, flip the tiles face down. You can reveal as many steering tokens as you like.

Your turn ends if you bump into an obstacle or if it moves off the race track. You would then lose one of your star tokens. These tokens can now be taken by a player on a future turn.

Obstacles are other space ships, and asteroids that are drawn on the race track.

Star tokens give you points that help you win the race, they are worth 1,2,3 or 5 points. When you reach the fuel station, all players can select a bonus token to help you along the race track.

The game ends when all players have crossed the finish line. Players then add up their points from the star tokens they collected.


Cosmic Race is part of the LOKI range designed especially for kids! This game can also be played solo!

detective charliedetective charlie

Detective Charlie

Detective Charlie needs your help! Strange things are happening in the city and mysteries must be investigated! Go and meet the inhabitants: everyone knows a detail that can help you solve the case. Cooperate and examine the clues, but be quick – you don’t have much time!

What’s in the box?

  • 6 investigation decks
  • 6 guilty envelopes
  • 1 detective book
  • 1 pocket watch
  • 1 Detective Charlie standee
  • 1 die

How to play:

Each player takes turns moving Detective Charlie with the die and interrogating witnesses. The game is played over several rounds until only one suspect is left in the police station.

Players take turns rolling the die and doing what it says. As a team, you may then decide to clear one or more suspects. Then put the witness card back, face down. End your turn by giving the die to the player on your left.

When only one suspect is left in the police station, they are named the culprit and the game ends.

Did you find the right culprit? To find out, open the culprit envelope with the same number as your current case and read the culprit card together! If you were correct, well done! If you were mistaken, no worries, you will do better next time!


Detective Charlie is part of the LOKI range, created by IELLO. This range of games is aimed specifically at children.

Dr Eureka game box

Dr. Eureka

The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete!

Mix your molecules from tube to tube without touching them, to match the scientific formula. Move your molecules faster than your competitors to prove you are the smartest scientist in the lab!

What’s in the box?

  • 12 test tubes
  • 24 balls (8 red, 8 purple, 8 green)
  • 54 challenge cards

How to play:

It’s madness in the lab! Take on the role of one of Dr. Eureka’s apprentice scientists, and race to be the first to create the correct combination of balls in the order shown on the challenge card.

You’ll start with three tubes, each with two balls of the same colour. Shuffle the challenge cards and then reveal the top card. All scientists play at the same time!

Race to recreate the pattern. To do this you’ll transfer the balls from one tube to the other, without touching the balls with your hands or letting them fall from the tubes. Shout Dr. Eureka when you think you’ve got it!

The first one to collect 5 cards wins!


Dr. Eureka reinforces fine motor skills, focus and attention, problem solving, processing speed and visual perception/pattern recognition.

Dragomino Blue Orange Children's Board GameDragomino Blue Orange Children's Board Game


The Kingdomino family is expanding with the award-winning Dragomino – a version for children! Explore Dragomino’s land to find the precious Dragon Eggs!

Your big moment has arrived. As an up-and-coming dragon trainer, you have the chance to travel to a mysterious island and build an elite group of dragons. But you are not the only one sent there…

Discover the most dragons to become the greatest dragon trainer in Dragomino!

Winner of the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2021 – Children’s Game of the Year 2021!

What’s in the box?

  • Four starting dominos
  • Mummy dragon piece
  • 28 exploration dominos
  • 69 egg tokens

How to play:

On your turn, you must do the following in order:

  1. Visit places: choose one of the available dominoes on the table.
  2. Show your discoveries: place this new domino next to your starting domino so that they touch on at least one side. Your exploration zone now includes the new domino. Once the domino has been put down, new connections are created. For every domino square touching another square, if the landscapes are the same type, take a corresponding egg token for that landscape and see what is hiding on the other side. Each dragon is worth one point!

Once all the players have carried out these steps, turn over the remaining dominoes. Take
four new dominoes from the box and place these in the centre of the table, face-up.

The game ends once all the dominoes from the game have been played. Players win 1 point per baby dragon they have discovered. The player with the Mummy Dragon wins 1 bonus point.

Most points to win!


Dragomino reinforces visual perception and problem-solving.

Once you have conquered Dragomino, you’re ready for Kingdomino!

Dream Catcher

All is not well in dreamland – nightmares are taking over! Luckily, the cuddly toys are here to help banish the nightmares. Collect dream tokens and be the first to fill up your cloud to sleep sweetly once again.

What’s in the box?

  • Four comfy boards
  • 54 dream tokens
  • One pillow bag
  • Eight cuddly toy round tiles
  • 30 nightmare tokens

How to play:

On the player’s turn, they must choose a cuddly toy that fully covers the nightmare in the middle of the table to gain tokens and make sweet dreams.

After placing the first nightmare card in the middle of the table, each player chooses a cuddly toy tile which, according to them, will fully cover the card’s nightmare.

Once the first player has chosen their cuddly toy, they place it on their board. The next player does the same and chooses their cuddly toy tile. Once all the players have chosen their cuddly toys, they move on to the next phase.

Each player, then places the cuddly toy tile they chose on the nightmare card. Players are allowed to move the cuddly toy until they position it in the best possible way on the nightmare.

There are two possible outcomes:

  • If the cuddly toy tile does not fully cover the nightmare, the player does not gain any dream tokens because the nightmare was too much…
  • If the cuddly toy fully covers the nightmare, it disappears and becomes a sweet dream!

The player then draws as many dream tokens from the pillow bag as there are stars on the chosen cuddly toy.

The first player to fill their board with 12 dream tokens, wins!


 Dream Catcher has two extra gameplay modes for extended play!

dream quest game boxDream quest game components

Dream Quest

Welcome to the world of powerful dreams! Play as a dreamer, a magical being and their trusty animal sidekick to navigate dreams. Choose your path and overcome challenges in a journey to complete your quest…just make sure to stay asleep!

What’s in the box?

  • 2 adventure booklets
  • 1 Dream guide
  • 1 sheet of stickers
  • 2 Hero boards
  • 2 dice
  • 16 treasure cards
  • 7 quest cards
  • 3 Shield tokens
  • 3 Nightmare tokens
  • 5 Challenge tokens
  • 2 Dream Points markers
Escape from the Aquarium game boxEscape the aquarium components

Escape the Aquarium

With just one drop of magical water… you find yourself transformed into a fish! The only way to break the spell and escape the aquarium is to find the mysterious potion and secret ingredients.

Solve the puzzles around the aquarium and you will flip back into human form!

What’s in the box?

  • 11 puzzles
  • 4 puzzle envelopes
  • Puzzle wheel
  • Grown-ups guide
Fast and Furious LOKI gameFarm and Furious game set up

Farm and Furious

Farm, furious and fun! From barnyard bunnies to daring ducklings, all the animals in the farm are ready to race. Teammates bark each other on as the race begins!

Play smart and make sure the right animals run at the right time to cross the finish line first and claim victory!

What’s in the box?

  • Six team carrot cards
  • Six team corn cards
  • Six team pepper cards
  • Six team eggplant cards
  • Six team leek cards
  • Three racetrack cards
  • One starting line card
  • One finish line box
  • Five baton pawns

How to play:

The goal of the game is to play your cards at the right time to move your baton pawn and cross the finish line first.

Place the starting line and racetrack cards as well as the finish line box in the middle of the table.

All players play at the same time first choosing a card, then applying the effect of that card. The effects are as follows;

  1. Duckling – move your baton pawn one space for each duckling played
  2. Chicken – move your baton pawn three spaces if no one played a dog this turn
  3. Bunny – move your baton pawn four spaces if no one played the dog and you are the only player that played a bunny
  4. Dog – cancel effects of chicken and bunny, move your baton pawn as many spaces forward as cancelled this turn.
  5. Whistle – At the end of the turn, take all cards you have played and add them back to your hand.
  6. Rooster (variant) – Copy the card you played last turn.

The game ends when a player crosses the finish line.


Farm and Furious is part of two different game variants that add a little extra challenge to the game!

Farmini BoxFarmini Components


It’s springtime! It’s time to take care of your farm! Choose the best cards to build fence around your farm and protect your herds.

Watch out, the wolf roams and can appear at any time! Will you have the most animals and cornfields at the end?

What’s in the box?

  • 54 cards
  • 15 animal tokens
  • One farmyard

How to play:

On your turn, choose one of the 4 face-up cards and, depending on its type, expand your pens or adopt a new animal. There are 3 different types of cards:

  • Pen card: these allow you to expand your Farm. You place the pen card in your farm.
  • Animal card: take as many animal tokens as shown on the card. Place them on free spaces in your farm.
  • Wolf card: the game pauses while the wolf is about! The wolf scares away the animals depicted on the card. You’ll have to return these to the farmyard.

The game ends as soon as the deck is empty and there are no more available cards. Count up your points earnt in your farms, if you have the most you are the winner!


Farmini is part of the LOKI range, created by IELLO. This range of games is aimed specifically at children.

Fish Club

It’s a fishy frenzy! Battle against the other fish family in order to claim the best spot in the new aquarium. Connect five family members together to win, but hurry, the others are hot on your tail!

What’s in the box?

  • One aquarium
  • Nine red fish
  • Nine blue fish
  • Four seahorses
  • Four small fish
  • Two clams
  • Two starfish

How to play:

Group five of your red or blue fish together by dropping them in the aquarium. Your five fish must form a single, unbroken line or group of touching fish to win. If your fish get separated by even the smallest amount, you can no longer count them as a group!

On your turn, add a sea creature of your choice to the aquarium by dropping it through the top of the aquarium. You can add one of your fish to try to form a larger group, or you can use one of the yellow sea creatures to hopefully make things more difficult for the other player.

The game ends if your move groups five of your fish together OR if your move groups five of your opponent’s fish together!


 Fish Club was created by David Wexler, the son of the creator of Connect 4! Promotes visual and fine motor skills.