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Chickyboom Childrens Board Game



A game of balancing your chickens.

One by one, remove the chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales from the rocking perch without it toppling over to collect points.

A game of balance, counting and laughs where the roost goes Chickyboom!

This all wooden game is sustainably made.

Chill Out Components Childrens Board Game

Chill Out!


A bevy of freshly squeezed drinks waits to be served – all they need is ice! Roll the colour die, choose a matching tray and scoop up the ice cubes.

Watch out for slippery hands trying to snag your cubes! Fill up the frostiest float and you’re the coolest!

Clouds Childrens Board GameClouds Components Childrens Board Game



Clouds is a matching game that’s perfect to entertain the wildest of imaginations!

Be the first to reunite them to form one complete fluffy picture, and win!

Can you find the match, or is your head up in the clouds?

Dr Eureka Childrens Board Game

Dr. Eureka


The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete!

Mix your molecules from tube to tube without touching them, to match the scientific formula. Move your molecules faster than your competitors to prove you are the smartest scientist in the lab!

Dr Microbe Childrens Board GameDr Microbe Components Childrens Board Game

Dr. Microbe


Help Dr. Microbe complete her research with your tweezers, a petri dish, and the colourful microbes.

Using logic, race your fellow scientists to figure out which microbes are missing from the incomplete challenge card and snatch them up fast!

Be the fastest scientist in the lab to impress Dr. Microbe and win!

Farmini Childrens Board GameFarmini Components Childrens Board Game



Introducing the LOKI range.

Collect animals and cornfields while watching out for the wolf to win the game!

Gobblet Gobblers Childrens Board GameGobblet Gobblers Components Childrens Board Game

Gobblet Gobblers


Test your memory and appetite for laughs with this easy to learn game of strategy that plays like the classic game of tic-tac-toe with a twist.

You can gobble up your opponent’s piece if it is smaller than yours!

Kitty Bitty Children's Board GameKitty Bitty Children's Board Game

Kitty Bitty


It’s nap time for the itty-bitty kitties, but they just want to play!

Help them jump, bat the yarn balls around and race to the basket without catching a look from the watchful eyes of the mommy cats.

The fun never stops in this adorable memory game!

Little Battle - Children's Board GameLittle Battle Children's Board Game

Little Battle


Recruit the best adventurers to add to your crew and grab the treasures from the beach before your opponents!

Dig out chests and collect the most gold coins, but beware, not all the chests contain treasure!

Long Cow Children's GameLong Cow Childrens Board Game

Long Cow


An Udderly Ridiculous Card Game!

It’s the moo-mentous card game of competitive cattle construction! The longer the cow, the more points you score. But make hay before your herd is hit by a tornado or worse – an alien abduction!

Round up the biggest bovines and party like the cows came home!

Magic Labyrinth Children's Board GameMagic Labyrinth Children's Game

Magic Labyrinth


The little magician apprentices have lost some magic objects inside of the master’s maze. Collect them all before the master notices, or you’ll be in trouble!

A maze is constructed under the game board and once in place, it becomes invisible. In this charming memory game, you’ll have to make your way through the maze by means of a good memory and lots of skill!

Can you find the treasures hidden in the labyrinth?

Monsieur Carrousel Childrens Board Game

Monsieur Carrousel


Introducing the LOKI brand.

Work together to help the kids on the carousel before it starts to rain!

Roll the die, place a kid on one of the seats, then turn the carousel while keeping an eye on the weather!

Try to get everyone on before the rain starts falling!

Mr Wolf Childrens Board Game

Mr Wolf


Mr. Wolf is slowly creeping in the forest.

“Quick, let’s go home”, warns one of the animals in the farm. Want to help them?

Show them to the right barn before Mr. Wolf comes up the stone path!

Outfoxed Childrens Board GameOutfoxed Childrens Board Game



Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie has gone missing and it’s now a chicken chase to crack the case!

Move around the board to gather clues and then use the special evidence scanner to rule out suspects.

You’ll have to work together quickly because the guilty fox is high-tailing it towards the exit!

Will you halt the hungry hooligan before it flies the coop… or will you be Outfoxed?

Pengoloo Childrens Board Game



With a little luck and a good memory, you can be the first person to collect six penguins and win the game!

Pengoloo is a fun South Pole eggspedition in which players roll the dice to find a penguin’s matching hidden eggs.

Q-bitz Junior Children's Board GameQ-bitz Junior Children's Board Game

Q-bitz Junior


The perfect introduction to Q-bitz, with sets of four cubes and 60 pattern cards.

Players race to recreate the pattern with their cubes – fastest player wins the card!

A fun way to introduce your child to pattern matching, spatial reasoning and problem solving.