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Decrypto Laserdrive Expansion Party GameDecrypto Laserdrive Expansion Party Game

Decrypto Laserdrive (Expansion)


The world of communication enters a new era thanks to laser discs!

This cutting- edge technology promises to reinvent how we communicate with each other.

Collect two laser tokens and you’ll be able to try and guess one of the opposing teams’ key words. Guess right and you receive an interception token!

diamant strategy board gameDiamant Components Strategy Board Game



Venture down mine shafts by turning up cards from a deck to collect treasure.

Before the next card is turned up, you have the chance to leave the mine and stash your finds, including any gems you get on the way out! How far will you push your luck?

What’s in the box?

  • 35 expedition cards
  • 16 decision cards
  • 100 precious stones
  • Eight explorer figurines
  • Eight chests
  • Five barricade tiles
  • One game board

How to play:

When you advance into the cave you reveal the next expedition card. There are three types:

  • Treasure card: take as many precious stones from the reserve as there are rubies on the card.
  • Trap card: if the same trap is revealed a second time, all players in the cave immediately return to camp emptyhanded.
  • Relic card: go directly to the “Players’ Decision” Phase.

Player’s Decision: before a new expedition card is revealed, each player still in the cave must decide to continue the expedition and delve deeper into the cave, or to return to camp to put their precious stones safely in their chest.

If you return to camp, gather all rubies that were left on Treasure Cards. If multiple players are leaving at the same time, no one takes the relic cards. However, if only one player leaves, they take all relics in the cave.

The game ends when the last barricade tile is placed on the fifth cave entrance. Count your rubies – the player with the highest score is declared the winner.

Dizzle Strategy Board GameDizzle Strategy Board Game



Take turns to pick up dice from the middle of the table and place them on your sheet. The next dice you take must match the others… watch out for the bombs!

With four levels of difficulty, you can keep rolling until you become a certified Dizzle superstar!

What’s in the box?

  • One pad with four different levels
  • Four pens
  • 13 dice

How to play:

On your turn, roll all the dice and sort the dice in ascending order. In a clockwise direction, everyone takes exactly one die and puts it on a field on their game sheet. The following rules apply:

  • The die must be put on an unused field.
  • The die must be put on the fields matching the number of pips.
  • Every player must put their first die chosen horizontally or vertically next to any field that has already been crossed out.

If there is no available field next to already placed dice you can “jump”. Jumping means that the player can put the next die on any available field next to an X on their game sheet. Only when a player is no longer able to place dice according to the rules are they allowed to choose to roll again or drop out. When all players but one have dropped out, the last active player has exactly one more opportunity to choose a die.

The game ends once all rounds have been played. Points are now awarded. Each player adds up the points they earned for special fields minus the points for bombs and brown piles.

Whoever earned the most points wins the game.


One of many Schmidt roll-and-writes!

Four modes of play in the box.

Doppelt so Clever Strategy Board GameDoppelt so Clever Strategy Board Game

Doppelt so Clever


Next in the series is Doppelt so Clever!

With five new dice-marking challenges and a new action beyond the re-roll and “use one more die” actions of the earlier game, you really have to be twice as clever to score big!

What’s in the box?

  • Six dice
  • Four pens
  • Score pad

How to play:

On your turn, roll all 6 dice at once, then choose a die and place it on your scorepad. Cross off that value and colour on you sheet. The white die is a wild colour and can be used in place of any other colour. But remember, the white and blue dice will always combine.

Put all dice that show a lower value than the currently selected die on the silver tray printed in the box. If you’ve picked the lowest value die, no dice are placed on the silver tray. Dice on the silver tray can no longer be used.

With the remaining dice, repeat this process twice till you have three dice on your game sheet. Place the three remaining dice on the silver tray. The other players can now choose one die to use to mark a space on their score sheet. A round ends after each player has been the active player once.

As you go through the game, you’ll unlock combos and additional moves. You can earn reroll abilities and extra dice. The fox bonus gives you extra points on your lowest scoring area, so make sure to score in every colour!

With new colours and new scoring methods, you’ll have to think twice as much!

Once everyone has taken their last turn, it’s time to count up the points! Highest score wins! If you score over 320 points, you’re twice as clever!


Solo mode available, so the gaming never stops.

One of many Schmidt roll-and-writes!

Double Spot Strategy Board GameDouble Spot Strategy Board Game

Double Spot


Get ready to out-pattern your opponent but watch out!

The double-sided disks mean each time you get closer to matching a pattern card, so do they! You’ll need a keen eye and the luck of the die to make a match and claim a card.

What’s in the box?

  • Game board
  • 40 double-sided disks
  • 40 pattern cards
  • Two card stands
  • Coloured die

How to play:

On your turn, roll the die and complete the action as follows:

  • If you roll a solid colour: drop a disk of the corresponding colour in any slot on the vertical board with the colour rolled facing you.
  • If you roll a blue/green split circle: drop a blue/green disk in any slot on the board with either colour (of your choosing) facing you.
  • If you roll a pink/yellow split circle: drop a pink/yellow disk in any slot on the board with either colour (of your choosing) facing you.

Play your disks strategically as you work to match the pattern on either of the pattern cards facing you. If your turn results in making the pattern on either (or both) of the pattern cards facing you, point out the match (or matches) to your opponent and take the card (or cards) to score. When a match is made, replace the card with a new card and continue playing. If the pattern on the new card already exists on the board, the first person to spot the match can claim the card.

The first player to earn five pattern cards is the winner! If you fill the board before that happens, the person with the most pattern cards at that time wins.

Downforce Family Board Game



Tires screech. Gears shift. Drivers push their million-dollar cars to the limit.

Restored by Rob Daviau from the 1996 Spiel des Jahres recommended game “Top Race”, Downforce puts players behind the wheel of cars with a different Power each. The difference between victory and defeat could be a single card.

What’s in the box?

  • A double-sided game board
  • Six race car pawns
  • 54 cards
  • Six driver plaques

How to play:

A game of Downforce is played over three parts:

  1. The Auction: After everyone look at their hands of cards, the cars are auctioned off one at a time. To bid, pick a card from your hand and place it face down on the table. If you have the highest speed card of the car colour shown wins the bid and pays that much.
  2. The Race: During the race, you play a speed card from your hand and resolve it. Then the player to their left takes the next turn. Play continues until all the cars have finished the race or no more cards can be played.
  3. The Betting: There are three lines on each racetrack indicating when betting occurs. Once a car first crosses the first betting line and after all of the movement on the card has been resolved, you all secretly mark on your score sheet which of the six cars you think will finish the race in first place. At the end of the race, you’ll gain money for each of your bets as indicated on the score sheet if the cars they bet on finished first, second, or third.

As soon as a car crosses the finish line, it is placed in the appropriate winner’s space near the race track. After all cars have finished the race, work out how much money you earn from your cars based on how they finished and any winnings from betting.

If you make the most, you’re the winner!

Downforce Danger Circuit Expansion Family Board Game

Downforce: Danger Circuit


Turbocharge your game of Downforce with this expansion pack! Add two new tracks and six new racer powers to your game.

A copy of Downforce is required to play.

What’s in the box?

  • A double-sided game board
  • 6power cards

How to play:

Crosstown Speedway features crossover loops, where cars in the rear can block cars in the lead, and split track sections, requiring a quick decision between taking the shorter or safer route.

Switchback Pass introduces “dangerous” spaces. These sections of the track can be used to pass other cars, but you can’t end your turn there.

The 6 new power cards included in the expansion are:

  • Tough – on any player’s turn, move 2 additional spaces when your car ends its movement next to a rumble strip (red-and-white).
  • Bold – on your turn, if your car would move 1 or 2 spaces, move it 3 spaces instead.
  • Defensive – if none of your cars move on your turn, move one of your cars 3 spaces.
  • Reckless – on your turn, if your car moves diagonally between two adjacent cars, move it 2 additional spaces.
  • Experienced – if any car starts its movement directly ahead of your car, move your car into the space they moved out of.
  • Ambitious – on any player’s turn, if your car crosses a betting line, move it 2 additional spaces.


Adds new thrills to Downforce!

downforce wild ridedownforce wild ride

Downforce: Wild Ride


Clear the road! Here comes the new expansion for Downforce, introducing two new tracks: Aloha Sands and Savanna Stretch! Pass the other cars by speeding on the jumps, and avoid wild animals crossing the road. A copy of Downforce is required to play.

What’s in the box?

  • One double-sided game board
  • Eight ramps
  • Three animal tokens

How to play:

There are two new tracks to play – each adding new mechanics to the gameplay.

Aloha Sands features ramps. If you hit them just right, you can catch some air and zoom ahead of the pack.

  • A car may use a ramp only if the car’s movement on the played card is equal to or higher than the number on the ramp AND the car has at least 1 space of movement remaining AND the ramp’s landing space is empty.
  • If none of these conditions are met, the car may not use the ramp continuing to move in the next available empty space.
  • Cars may use multiple ramps in one turn.

Savannah Stretch features wild animals stampeding across the track. You must avoid the animals as they rumble through the course.

  • Each animal occupies a space outlined by their colour on the board. Animals block movement into the spaces, just like a car.
  • At the end of a turn in which at least one car has passed an animal’s line, that animal moves to its next open space on the board. If it is in its last space on the track, remove it from the board.
  • Once an animal leaves its space, cars may enter that space as if it were a regular space.
Dr Eureka Childrens Board Game

Dr. Eureka


The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete!

Mix your molecules from tube to tube without touching them, to match the scientific formula. Move your molecules faster than your competitors to prove you are the smartest scientist in the lab!

What’s in the box?

  • 12 test tubes
  • 24 balls (8 red, 8 purple, 8 green)
  • 54 challenge cards

How to play:

It’s madness in the lab! Take on the role of one of Dr. Eureka’s apprentice scientists, and race to be the first to create the correct combination of balls in the order shown on the challenge card.

You’ll start with three tubes, each with two balls of the same colour. Shuffle the challenge cards and then reveal the top card. All scientists play at the same time!

Race to recreate the pattern. To do this you’ll transfer the balls from one tube to the other, without touching the balls with your hands or letting them fall from the tubes. Shout Dr. Eureka when you think you’ve got it!

The first one to collect 5 cards wins!


Dr. Eureka reinforces fine motor skills, focus and attention, problem solving, processing speed and visual perception.

Dragomino Blue Orange Children's Board GameDragomino Blue Orange Children's Board Game



The Kingdomino family is expanding with Dragomino, a version for children! Explore Dragomino’s land to find the precious Dragon Eggs!

Your big moment has arrived. As an up-and-coming dragon trainer, you have the chance to travel to a mysterious island and build an elite group of dragons. But you are not the only one sent there…

Discover the most dragons to become the greatest dragon trainer in Dragomino!

What’s in the box?

  • Four starting dominos
  • Mummy dragon piece
  • 28 exploration dominos
  • 69 egg tokens

How to play:

On your turn, you must do the following in order:

  1. Visit places: choose one of the available dominoes on the table.
  2. Show your discoveries: place this new domino next to your starting domino so that they touch on at least one side. Your exploration zone now includes the new domino. Once the domino has been put down, new connections are created. For every domino square touching another square, if the landscapes are the same type, take a corresponding egg token for that landscape and see what is hiding on the other side. Each dragon is worth one point!

Once all the players have carried out these steps, turn over the remaining dominoes. Take
four new dominoes from the box and place these in the centre of the table, face-up.

The game ends once all the dominoes from the game have been played. Players win 1 point per baby dragon they have discovered. The player with the Mummy Dragon wins 1 bonus point.

Most points to win!


Dragomino reinforces visual perception and problem-solving.

Once you have conquered Dragomino, you’re ready for Kingdomino!

Dragon's Cave Family Board GameDragon's Cave Family Board Game

Dragon’s Cave


Lured by a precious treasure, you are brave dwarves venturing into the dragon’s cave, gathering gold coins on your way.

Pick each step forward carefully, if the dragon predicts your next move on the path, you will move backward and risk losing some coins!

What’s in the box?

  • One board
  • One dragon
  • Four dwarves
  • 44 gold coins
  • Four treasure chests
  • Four money bags
  • 24 cards

How to play:

One player is the dragon, the other players are the dwarves. The Dwarves try to move forward along the path by secretly choosing cards which they place in front of them, face-down. The player in control of the Dragon then places the Dragon on one of the five squares in its lair.

  • Reveal your cards! If you have picked a different square from the one the Dragon is on, move your Dwarf to the first square of this colour situated in front of your Dwarf. Take as many gold coins from the Dragon’s Treasure as is shown on your square.
  • If you pick the same square as the Dragon, then you are are scared and have to move back! You don’t get any gold coins.
  • If you picked the chest card you don’t move their Dwarf. You’re safe from the dragon during this round of the game.

The game ends at the end of a round where at least one player has managed to reach the dragon’s lair. Count up your gold coins – if you have the most you win!


Dragon’s Cave reinforces social play and guessing skills.

Dragonrealm Family Board GameDragonrealm Family Game



Dare to venture beyond Dragonwood!

Collect sets of adventurer cards in order to roll dice, which you will use to explore the mystical lands of Dragonrealm. Claim the land’s treasure, but beware of meddling goblins, who pop up to snatch the spoils. Gather the most gold and become ruler of the realm!

What’s in the box?

  • 68 adventurer cards
  • 50 treasure coins
  • 32 adventurer meeples
  • 21 location cards
  • 16 enhancement cards
  • Six goblin meeples
  • Six dice

How to play:

On your turn, you may either rest or explore.

Announce that you are taking a rest and draw 2 adventurer cards, one at a time, either from the face-up cards or the face-down deck (or 1 from each). If you draw a goblin card, place a goblin on the corresponding location card.

You may explore one of the face-up locations with one of the following three actions: sneak, search, or storm. To explore, play up to six cards from your hand face-up and announce which location you’re exploring and the type of action you’re using.

  • To sneak: play cards that are numerically in order regardless of colour.
  • To search: play cards that are all the same number.
  • To storm: play cards that are all the same colour.

Take one die for each card you played and roll them. If the total is equal to or greater than the amount listed for the action you chose, the explore succeeds! If the total is less, the explore fails.

  • If the explore succeeds, place one of your adventurer meeples on one of the locations open spaces, if the explore type has a gold circle around it, place 2 meeples.
  • If the explore fails, take the cards played back into your hand and place your adventurer in the academy where they can be used in the future to add one to a dice roll.

Once a location is full of adventurers, the location is complete and the player who has the greatest amount of adventurers on that location card claims it and the points are dealt out. In the event that the goblins have the majority, in the case, the treasure is lost and the goblins take the card.

The game ends immediately once the Dragon location is complete. The player with the most coins wins!


Dragonrealm reinforces probability and visual discrimination.

Dragonwood Family Board GameDragonwood Components Family Board Game



Deep in the heart of this mythical forest lurk angry ogres, giggling goblins, and even the famed and fearsome fire-breathers themselves!

Collect sets of adventurer cards to earn dice, which you will use to roll against your foes. Stomp on some fire ants, shriek at a grumpy troll, or strike the menacing orange dragon with a magical silver sword. Only the bravest will overcome the odds to emerge victorious!

What’s in the box?

  • 108 cards
  • 6 dice

How to play:

On your turn, you may either reload or capture.

If you choose to draw an adventurer card, add it to your hand and signal that your turn is over by saying out loud, “reload!”

Announce which creature or enhancement you are trying to capture and show the cards you are using (including any enhancements) by placing them face up in front of you. There are three ways to capture a card from the landscape:

  • To strike: play cards that are numerically in order regardless of colour.
  • To stomp: play cards that are all the same number.
  • To scream: play cards that are all the same colour.

If you defeat a creature, take the card from the landscape and place it face down in a “victory” pile next to you. If you capture an enhancement, take the card and place it face up in front of you. This card can then be used throughout the rest of the game. If your capture is unsuccessful, you must discard one card from your hand.

The game ends when either:

  1. Both dragons have been defeated,
  2. Two adventure decks have been played through.

If you have the most victory point, you win!


Dragonwood reinforces strategic thinking.




The Gods have illuminated the sky with constellations. But who is the mortal amongst the Gods? Can they remain hidden, or will the false images confuse those without divine inspiration? Keep your eyes open, as not all will be as it seems…

What’s in the box?

  • One game board
  • Two God tracks
  • 20 God markers
  • Four mortal markers
  • Six crescent moons
  • 18 stars
  • 72 dream cards
  • Four image numbers
  • Six star-shaped selection tokens

How to play:

The game is played over several rounds. Each round consists of the following phases:

  • Lay out dreams: lay out 4 dream cards face up arranged as a square on the game board. Place one image number on a corner of each card.
  • Determine the vision & the mortal: each player is dealt a God/mortal marker. Now have a look at your own God marker. Don‘t let any other player know what you see on your marker.
  • Place stars: the player who dealt out the God markers begins. They place one star on the game board. After that, players continue until all players have placed their 3 stars.
  • Guess & resolve: now, all players secretly indicate their own guess on the uncovered prong of their own selection token. Each God guesses the player colour of the mortal. The mortal guesses the image number of the true vision. Everyone reveals their guesses!
  • Record points on the God track: you are rewarded with God points for correct guesses and smart laying-out of the stars. Each player records their points by advancing their own crescent moon piece on the God’s track. If nobody has reached 16 God points yet, play continues.

The game ends with the completion of the game round in which (at least) one player reaches 16 Gods points.

The player who is in the lead on the God track is the (almost) immortal winner of the game!

Dungeon Drop


Instant dungeon… Infinite possibilities…

It’s time to drop into the dungeon! Venture into an ever-shifting labyrinth teeming with untold treasure. Colourful cubes represent, gold, gems, goblins, and more. Raid the rooms that best suit your hero’s quest but stay alert – the dungeon changes with every drop. Grab the most loot and become the Dungeon Drop Master!

What’s in the box?

  • Four meeples
  • Four player aids
  • Score tracker
  • Four solo tokens
  • Four teamwork tokens
  • 87 cubes
  • Six custom dice
  • 15 race cards
  • 10 class cards
  • 10 quest cards

How to play:

The game takes place over three rounds. Each Hero will take one turn per round, as follows:

  1. Explore: draw the specified number of cubes from the box (depending on player count), without looking at them, and drop them into the Dungeon.
  2. Act: Activate either your Race or Class ability. Some abilities in the game involve flicking one or more cubes in the Dungeon.
  3. Loot: form a room by selecting 3 grey pillar cubes, and then collect all cubes within or touching that space.

At the end of the round, each Hero counts the total number of treasure cubes they have in their stash to determine their weight. Reassign the turn order markers, in order from the lightest to heaviest weight.

After 3 rounds have been completed, it’s time to count your treasure! Players proceed as follows:

  1. Reveal quest cards.
  2. For each key paired with a chest in your stash, roll the chest to see how much it’s worth.
  3. Count total scores.

The Hero with the highest total score wins!