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Talisman Firelands Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Firelands (Expansion)


The legendary Ifrit have returned to exact fiery vengeance on the land of Talisman as a new peril erupts in the realm with “The Firelands”.

Players must race to battle this terrible threat since only the Crown of Command can truly extinguish the Ifrit’s flames.

The expansion includes four new characters and three new alternative ending cards!

Available January 2020.

Talisman Frostmarch Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Frostmarch (Expansion)


Can you overcome the bone-chilling storms and strange creatures or will your blood freeze when you behold the Ice Queen’s cold, cruel gaze?

The Frostmarch expansion features 4 new character cards and plastic figures, 84 Adventure Cards, 20 Spell Cards, 24 Warlock Quest Cards, and 3 Alternative Ending Cards – including a final climactic battle with the Ice Queen.

Talisman Harbinger Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Harbinger (Expansion)


Dire omens fill the skies, demons roam the countryside and plagues ravage civilisation.

The Harbinger wanders throughout the realm of Talisman, prophesying the imminent end of the world.

The Harbinger Expansion features four unique decks of Omen cards, each making manifest a different downfall.

Available January 2020.

Talisman Highland Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Highland (Expansion)


Legends say all magic in the land comes from an enchanted stream that flows from the tallest mountain.

Atop the tallest peaks, the magical waters are at their most pure and potent, and the banks are littered with precious gems.

The Highland adds a new region, a custom- fitted map board and over 100 new cards.

Talisman Realms Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Realms (Expansion)


The Realms combines the two small expansions: The Nether Realm and The Deep Realms.

In the Nether Realm, beware the fiery Pyrochanter and fearsome Titan Wraith on your quest for the Crown of Command.

In the Deep Realms, travel between the Dungeon and the City regions by venturing into the dark, dank, and haunted passages that connect them.

Talisman Reaper Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Reaper (Expansion)


An unearthly chill creeps through the air.

The Wizard stops reading his ancient tome and gazes cautiously over his shoulder. The Warrior feels an unfamiliar fear as he draws his mighty sword.

The Reaper expansion offers four new character cards and plastic figures, 90 new Adventure Cards, the Grim Reaper and much more!

Talisman Sacred Pool Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Sacred Pool (Expansion)


Judgement day has arrived…Drawn by powers as old as time itself, the spirits of light and the forces of darkness are gathering their strength.

A line has been drawn between the heavens and the abyss.

The Sacred Pool comes with 4 new characters and plastic figures, 72 new Adventure cards, and much more!

Available January 2020.

Talisman Woodland Expansion Strategy Board Game

Talisman – The Woodland (Expansion)


The unearthly Woodland is the home of the fae.

The woodlands expansion allows you to walk your own path through the Woodland corner board, encountering strange new creatures, events, and dangers.

At the end of your path, a meeting with destiny awaits, transforming your character’s future.

Available January 2020.

Talisman Strategy Board Game

Talisman Revised 4th Edition


Talisman takes you on a journey through magical lands, as you endeavour to reclaim the Crown of Command.

Each turn will see your hero advancing, battling, gaining the knowledge and power necessary to defeat the guardians lurking behind the Portal of Power and the Valley of Fire!

Tan Tan Caravan Strategy Board GameTan Tan Caravan Strategy Board Game

Tan Tan Caravan


Stroll around Tan Tan Market’s alleys and acquire the most precious selection of local crafts.

Be the first to finish filling the caravan with these picks and you will secure your access to the best choice of treasures.

Seek the favours of the Princess, merchants and the Genie, however, be wary of thieves!

Legend of the Cherry Tree Strategy Board GameLegend of the Cherry Tree Strategy Board Game

The Legend of the Cherry Tree


The flowers on the Cherry Tree have begun their delicate fall and are ready to be collected.

Each turn, draw one or more flowers from the bag and try to gather as many as possible to have your wish granted by the Cherry Tree.

But if you are too greedy, the Cherry Tree will find you unworthy of its gift, and you will lose the chance to make your dream come true…

Quacks of Quedlinburg Strategy Board GameQuacks of Quedlinburg Strategy Board Game

The Quacks of Quedlinburg


Winner of Kennerspiel des Jahres 2018!

The best quack surgeons from across the land gather to brew their concoctions against smelly feet, homesickness and hiccups.

Every quack has their own special brew they hope will make them the best miracle doctor in the land!

To brew your potions, draw ingredients from the shared supply bag.

Take care with what you draw, as too many peas could spoil the mixture.

Do you stop early to improve your chances of making a better potion later, or do you risk a big setback to get more money and fame now?

Quacks of Quedlinburg Herb Witches Strategy Board GameQuacks of Quedlinburg Herb Witches Strategy Board Game

The Quacks of Quedlinburg – The Herb Witches


Expansion to the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2018 winner: Quacks of Quedlinburg.

This kit contains components needed for a fifth player, along with further rubies and new ingredients!

If you’re struggling to find the perfect recipe, then maybe one of the herb witches can lend a hand!

The Taverns of Tiefenthal Strategy Board GameThe Taverns of Tiefenthal Strategy board game

The Taverns of Tiefenthal


In the village of Tiefenthal, you take the role of tavern host to attract new and wealthy guests.

Which tavern expansion is best? Do you need more tables? A larger beer warehouse?

Skilfully choose the dice to develop your personal deck and become as profitable as possible!

Uxmal Strategy Board Game



As a priest of the City of Uxmal, your mission is to build a pyramid.

Working with the other priests, decorate the pyramid with the most popular idols of the moment and you will collect renown points.

Keep an eye out, as the popularity of idols changes as time goes on!