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a magical fairyland jigsaw boxa magical fairyland jigsaw motiv

A Magical Fairyland 1500 pcs

All of the magic in one picture! A kaleidoscope of butterflies stream from the castle on the hill as the stunning fairy catches them on their way past. Fairy’s, unicorns and butterflies, what could be more magical?

The completed puzzle measures: 846 mm x 598 mm.



Terrace in paris jigsaw boxterrace in paris jigsaw motiv

A Terrace in Paris, 1000 pcs

Bonjour Paris! Nothing compares to a sunny terrace wine in the French capital. This 1000 piece puzzle features a beautiful terrace overlooking the sights of Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background.

The completed puzzle measures: 693 mm x 493 mm

Aimee Stewart: Birdwatching jigsaw boxBirdwatching jigsaw motiv

Aimee Stewart: Birdwatching, 1000 pcs

Are you a bird watcher? Artist Amy Stewart depicts all sorts of bird watching materials. Along with books, artwork and a paint palette, this 1000 piece jigsaw will look great on any puzzlers table.
Aimee Stewart: Sunday Breakfast jigsaw boxSunday Breakfast jigsaw motiv

Aimee Stewart: Sunday Breakfast, 1000 pcs

This is the breakfast of dreams! Heart shaped pancakes, eggs and strawberries on a tray in bed is certainly a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Artist Amy Stewart brings us this stunning 1000-piece puzzle. We wonder what these cute kittens are dreaming of.
Ancient World Map jigsaw boxAncient world map jigsaw motiv

Ancient World Map, 3000 pcs

This depiction of an Ancient Map is amazingly detailed! Brush up on your geography as you piece together this 3000 piece puzzle challenge. The artwork outside the globe is every bit as detailed as the map!

Schmidt Animal Kingdom JigsawSchmidt Animal Kingdom Jigsaw

Animal Kingdom, 1000 pcs

Features a beautiful image of some of your favourite animals from across the Planet.

A challenge for any puzzler!

The completed puzzle measures: 693 mm x 493 mm.

Animals in Africa Jigsaw boxAnimals in africa jigsaw motiv

Animals in Africa, 60 pcs

African Animals are all together in this 60 piece jigsaw! From Leopards, to Lions and Flamingos and elephants, it’s perfect for any animal loving child!

animals in the atrium 2000pcs schmidt jigsaw puzzleanimals in the atrium 2000pcs schmidt jigsaw puzzle

Animals in the Atrium, 2000 pcs

From renowned jigsaw makers, Schmidt, comes this 2000 piece jigsaw featuring an elegant and lavish garden atrium where animals roam in amongst the plant life.

A must for any animal lover!

The completed puzzle measures: 968 mm x 692 mm.


aurelien villette victorian greenhouse 1000pcs schmidt jigsaw puzzleaurelien villette victorian greenhouse 1000pcs schmidt jigsaw puzzle

Aurelien Villette – Victorian Greenhouse, 1000 pcs

Features an atmospheric photographic image, brought to you by the photographer Aurelien Villette, capturing all that remains of a Victorian greenhouse that’s been overtaken by nature.

The completed 1000 piece puzzle measures: 693 mm x 493 mm.

Bob Ross: Mountain by the Sea jigsaw boxmountain by the sea jigsaw motiv

Bob Ross: Mountain by the Sea, 1000 pcs

This stunning jigsaw depicts the power of nature! A mountain topped with snow stands by the sea. With great colours and detail, this 1000 piece jigsaw by Bob Ross is coming very soon and is sure to brighten up your table.
Bob Ross: Reflections jigsaw boxreflections jigsaw motiv

Bob Ross: Reflections, 1000 pcs

From the Artistic stylings of Bob Ross comes this stunning landscape depicting a mountain range, autumn leaves and a mirror-esque lake. The fantastic detail and peaceful landscape makes for a great 1000 piece jigsaw.
Bright houses murano jigsaw boxBright houses murano jigsaw motiv

Bright Houses, Island of Murano, 1000 pcs

Murano is full of bright colours and fascinating glass. This peaceful street features the houses of Murano along the iconic waterways that Venice is known for.

The completed puzzle measures: 693 mm x 493 mm