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Cat Stax Brainteaser PuzzleCat Stax Brainteaser Puzzle

Cat Stax


The Perfect Puzzle. Stack up the cats! Select a challenge and then arrange all of the cats on the card so that they fit perfectly within the grid. The cats come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to figure out how they precisely nestle together to solve each challenge. Paw your way through all 48 puzzles and consider yourself one clever cat!

Dog Pile Brainteaser PuzzleDog Pile Brainteaser Puzzle

Dog Pile


Pile up the pups! Select a challenge and then arrange all of the dogs on the card so that they fit precisely on the grid. The dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to figure out how they nestle together to solve each challenge. Paw your way through all 48 puzzles and you’re the top dog!

Hay Stax Brainteaser PuzzleHay Stax Brainteaser Puzzle

Hay Stax


The barnyard packing puzzle.

Herd the horse, pack the pig, and stack the sheep!

Select a challenge and arrange the farm animals so they all fit precisely in their pen. The animals come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to use your best spatial skills to correctly corral them together.

With 36 increasingly difficult puzzles, you’ll be stacking ’til the cows come home.

Interlox Brainteaser PuzzleInterlox Brainteaser



Interlock the blocks!

12 grooved pieces spin and slide together in countless colourful configurations. Pick a challenge, gather the pieces and join them together to build the featured 3D shape.

Combine them correctly and you’ve found the key to Interlox!

Kitty Kitty BrainteaserKitty Kitty Brainteaser Puzzle

Kitty Kitty


Paw your way through this litter of purr-plexing puzzles featuring colourful feline faces.

Can you snuggle them together to match the pattern on each grid?

The kitties connect in a multitude of ways, the trick is figuring out the correct combination.

Marble Circuit Brainteaser PuzzleMarble Circuit Brainteaser Puzzle

Marble Circuit


It’s the multi-directional marble maze with 64 puzzling challenges!

Choose a card to see your puzzle and place the multi-directional tiles on the board. Release the steel marbles to see if you land your targets.

If you’re off base, move the tiles until your marble circuits deliver a picture-perfect landing!

Tantrix Discovery Brainteaser PuzzleTantrix Discovery Brainteaser Puzzle

Tantrix Discovery


The concept is simple: Ten tiles numbered on the reverse from 1 to 10.

Start with three tiles, then slowly increase the difficulty by adding more tiles, it’s guaranteed to hook you.

This stylish puzzle contains 10 tiles in a wooded stand and will drive your guests to distraction.

Tantrix Gamepack Brainteaser PuzzleTantrix Gamepack Brainteaser Puzzle

Tantrix Game Pack


World renown as an addictive strategy game.

This game pack contains the award winning multi-player game and enough solitaire puzzles and activities to last a lifetime.

Includes a practical colour travel bag and a new edition of the 50-page illustrated activity guide.

Tetra Twist Brainteaser PuzzleTetra Twist Brainteaser

Tetra Twist


This split-level puzzle puts the twist in brain twister!

Four unique pieces each have a top and bottom that swivel separately. Spin each layer so that both parts interlock with neighbouring pieces.

Form five unique shapes of varying difficulty, using hundreds of possible configurations!

Villageo Brainteaser PuzzleVillageo Brainteaser Puzzle



Become a renowned city planner by creating the most beautiful cities possible.

Respect the planning restrictions when placing businesses, houses, lakes and gardens to build your ideal city.

Will you manage to complete the 60 projects?