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Fiddlejig Brainteaser PuzzleFiddlejig Brainteaser Puzzle



When only good quality fidget toys will do, it’s time to Fiddlejig!

Snap and click the colourful, articulated wood cubes into thousands of different shapes, giving fidgety fingers a welcome activity.

Fidjigami Brainteaser PuzzleFidjigami Brainteaser Puzzle



Addicted to fidget toys?

Fidjigami is an interactive, 3D puzzle snake that fidgeters will have a hard time putting down.

Manipulate the multi- coloured plastic polygons into countless shapes and patterns.

Jacob's Ladder Brainteaser PuzzleJacob's Ladder Brainteaser Puzzle

Jacob’s Ladder


Loosen up your wrist!

It’s the enchanting folk toy that performs tricks and optical illusions with every turn of your hand.

Kids and adults alike who benefit from fiddle toys will love this visually mesmerising activity.

Pencil Pushers Brainteaser PuzzlePencil Pushers Brainteaser Puzzle

Pencil Pushers


Bring life to your pencils with these brightly coloured fidget accessories.

Set includes three pencils in orange, blue and green and three multi-coloured “pushers”.

Sqwooz Brainteaser PuzzleSqwooz Brainteaser Puzzle



Just try to keep your hands off this bright squishy ball, you can’t help but squeeze it!

Great for relieving tension and keeping your hands occupied in tricky situations.

Stress Balls Brainteaser PuzzleStress Balls Brainteaser Puzzle

Stress Balls


Squeeze your stress away with these lightweight balls with three levels of resistance: firm, soft and squishy!

Great for fidgety hands, they’re the perfect travel gift!