Animix Park

Welcome to Animix Park! Try to score the most points by keeping the right mix of animals. Each type of animal scores points differently, so plan ahead to make sure the cards you keep and the cards you play are the perfect mix to win the game!

What’s in the box?

  • 80 animal cards
  • 30 mountain tokens

How to play:

Score the most points by playing the best mix of animals.

The last player to have petted an animal starts. Players take turns in a clockwise direction. On your turn, you complete one of two actions:

  • Choose an animal from the cards in your hand and place it face down in front of you. At any time, you can look at the cards that you have placed.
  • Take an animal card from the grid and place it face down in front of you. You must then choose an animal from the cards in your hand to place, face up, in the space left by the animal you just took. Place a mountain token from the pile on top of the animal that you moved to the grid. This token locks the animal in so it can no longer be taken.

The game ends when all players have no cards left in their hands. All the cards which are face down in front of a player are flipped face up. For every species, the player with the largest number of animals in that species wins the corresponding points.

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Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 4 × 11 × 18 cm

Blue Orange


2 – 6



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