Pharaoh Cheops has called upon the best master builders in his realm.

Your job is to create the stateliest pyramid with an arch of triumph and beautiful floor mosaic. Prove your skill by choosing your dice cleverly to construct the pyramid and become the greatest master builder of all time!

What’s in the box?

  • Four coloured dice
  • Score pad
  • Five pens

How to play:

The starting player is the first active builder. Roll the dice and place them in the middle of the table. Then you can cross out up to two stones on your building sites. For each stone you cross out, you have to immediately take the matching die from the middle of the table and place it at the top of your playing card.

If there is no matching die, you must cross out either a stone of the same colour or joker stone in your quarry. You must cross out the coloured stones in your quarry from left to right, once you skip a stone, you cannot go back and use it.

Once a player has completed all their building works, all dice are returned to the middle of the table to be used by the next player.

If you cross out a unique symbol in a building or the last symbol in the same group, declare this to the other builders and as a reward, you can cross out the same bonus symbol on your playing card.

The round is completed when all builders have had a turn. Play continues clockwise from the first active builder they roll all the dice and continue play.

The game finishes when one of the builders has completed their second building. In order to score, each builder needs to determine the points for each of their buildings and their bonuses and enters the score on their gamesheet. The player with the highest score wins!


Perfect for on the go gaming!

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