Art Robbery

Boston:1990… You have entered the art museum, and emerged an hour later, unnoticed, with your pockets full. But now comes the hardest part – distributing the loot!

Slide into the role of art thieves! You have priceless drawings, paintings, sculptures and antiques in your possession. Confront the other players and try to snatch the most loot. But watch out, the FBI is hot on your tail, you will need a strong alibi!

What’s in the box?

  • 55 cards:
    • 36 number cards from 0-5
    • Six boss cards
    • Six guard dog cards
  • Seven greedy thief cards
  • 36 loot tiles
  • One guard dog figure

How to play:

You are a group of thieves who just successfully robbed an art museum, but now you must share the spoils, will you be the master thief with the most loot – or will you get caught?

The game is played over four rounds (raids). Each player receives a hand of five cards. Place the loot tiles in the middle, and for round one, the guard dog figure.

On your turn, play a card from your hand face up, onto this discard pile in the middle, then take the tile shown on the card, either from the middle, or another player and place face up in front of you. End your turn by drawing a card so your hand is back to five.

Each of the cards call for different actions:

Number cards – take the corresponding loot tile from the middle of the table.
Guard Dog – take the guard dog figure, protecting you from other players stealing from your pile.
Greedy Thief – Take any tile you want from the middle (no stealing from another player)
The Boss – Take the boss tile – this must be paired with a four or a five by the end of that round, otherwise discarded.
Alibis: on certain loot tiles, you will find white dots, collect as many as you can. At the end of the game, the player with the fewest is caught by the police.

A raid ends when the last tile is taken from the middle. All players put their loot tiles in a face down pile – they are now safe and can’t be stolen.

The game ends after the fourth raid. The person with the least number of alibis is eliminated, then players add up the values of loot tiles. Each boss is worth five points. Most points wins!


Designed by renowned games designer – Reiner Knizia and is part of the Helvetiq After Dinner collection. Art Robbery is also pocket sized, great for on-the-go gaming!

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