You are exploring the shipwrecked waters of Cartagena, Colombia in search of gold! Embark on a terrific treasure hunt and be the first among the divers to discover the gold. But beware the fearsome Barracuda prowling through the wreck!

What’s in the box?

  • 20 Movement Cards
  • 4 Barracuda Cards
  • 12 Shipwreck Cards
  • 36 Gold Pieces
  • 1 Barracuda Meeple
  • 4 Coin Bag Cards
  • 4 Vault Cards
  • 4 Wooden Pawns
  • 1 Distance Die
  • 1 Direction Die

How to play:

Explore the Shipwrecks and be the first to return 8 Gold pieces to the vault on your boat, using your coin bag.

On your turn, you take 3 actions:

  1. Moving the Divers to explore the Shipwrecks or to try to control the Barracuda. All players choose one card from their hand, placing it face down in front of them. When everyone is ready, reveal the cards. If you played a Movement card, place your pawn on the corresponding Shipwreck, if you played a Barracuda card, stay where you are and place your pawn on its side. Place each Movement card face up, these cards will determine the initiative. Any Barracuda cards are placed in the centre.
  2. Moving the Barracuda – If no Barracuda cards, or more than one Barracuda card was played, roll the two dice. The Barracuda will move by a number of cards based on the Distance die in the direction of the Shipwreck card shown on the Direction die. If exactly one Barracuda card was played, that player managed to distract the Barracuda. They roll the Distance die only and moves the Barracuda in the direction of their choice. The die indicates the maximum distance it can move.
  3. Resolve the Shipwreck cards in ascending order. There are three possible scenarios:
    1. You are alone, without the Barracuda. Carry out the Special Action and the General Action of your Shipwreck card.
    2. You and the Barracuda are on the same Shipwreck. You drop all the gold pieces in your coin bag onto the Shipwreck.
    3. Several players are on the same card, without the Barracuda. The player with the initiative chooses to either carry out the Special Action, or to rob an opponent who’s also on the card.

The first player to secure Gold Pieces with a total value of 8 or more in their vault wins the game!


Extend the game by playing to a value of 10 Gold Pieces or try out Team Mode to play cooperatively!

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