Discover the beautiful world of Betta. It’s your first day of work at Bette’s Pets and Bette bought a boatload of Bettas! It’s your job to arrange the displays to make these flamboyant fish stand out.

Use tiles to make the patterns pop and keep an eye on your opponent’s Betta!

What’s in the box?

  • 48 Betta cards (12 in each of the 4 colours)
  • 4 Scoring Markers
  • 12 Betty’s Betta Cards
  • 1 Betty’s Betta Scoring Marker
  • 10 Display Cards
  • 12 Pattern cards (4 in each of the 3 difficulties)
  • 1 Scoreboard

How to play:

Take turns placing Betta cards to create patterns, and to fill the Displays with your colour. The game ends when everyone has only 2 cards remaining in their hand or when all Displays are completely filled with bettas.

On your turn, you must place one of the Betta cards in your hand on any Display that is not already filled with bettas. You can freely rotate your Betta card. You can cover over bettas already on that Display.

Score 2 points if you placed your Betta card on an empty Display and if you created a pattern, score it according to its point value (3/5/7). If you created several, score the best one. Use your Scoring marker to record your points on the Scoreboard.

Finally, draw a Betta card from your deck to fill your hand to 3 Betta cards again.

The end of the game is triggered when:

  • Each of you has only 2 cards remaining in your hand or
  • All Displays are completely filled with Bettas


Betta has 3 different game modes including a Solo Mode!

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Dimensions 4.2 × 13.6 × 17.4 cm

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