Flowers are power in this freshly picked dice game!

Roll the dice, choose a colour, and then circle the number of matching flowers. Choose wisely – the dice you pass might score for your opponents!

What’s in the box?

  • 150 score sheets
  • Six dice

How to play:

A round proceeds in the following order:

  • Roll the 6 dice
  • Choose customers & make bouquets

Starting with the start player, take turns choosing 1 die from the common pool of dice. Then each player circles the exact number of flowers equal to the value of their chosen die. You may circle a smaller number of flowers, but this will result in unhappy customers.

A customer is unhappy if you circle either: flowers in a different colour than your chosen die or a smaller number of flowers than your die value. Add a tick mark in the unhappy customer section on your sheet for each unwanted or missing flower. Each tick mark is worth -1 point.

If you circle all flowers of a colour, shout “Bouquet!” and circle the highest available number of the matching colour in the scoring section.

The flowers are divided into six garden beds on every sheet. Once you circle all 12 flowers in a garden bed, you may circle the first available number in the “garden beds” scoring section.

A round ends when all players have taken a die and circled flowers. Collect all 6 dice and give them to the next player. Continue playing rounds until either one player has circled three numbers in the colour section or one player has circled the fourth number in the garden bed section.

Most points win!


Bloom reinforces visual discrimination.

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