Bubble Stories

Step into the bubbling world of amazing stories, where you are the hero!

Explore worlds card after card, all the different places you can visit! Enjoy each location along the way, collect the star cards and discover magical things that are hidden at the end of each adventure. But make sure you watch out for dead ends!

What’s in the box?

  • 72 cards – divided into four different packets. Each packet is one adventure.
    • Six green cards – learn to play
    • 20 orange cards
    • 22 purple cards
    • 24 blue cards
    • In each packet, there are several Star, Dead End and Character cards – there are different quantities in each adventure packet

How to play:

Your goal: to find all the star cards shown on the objective card for the adventure you are playing.

Each adventure you take part in, choose the places you want to explore! Take the card the corresponds to a bubble, carefully examine each image, and gather all the star cards together to reach your objective.

Choose the packet of cards with the adventure you want to take part in.

Place the objective card (star) face down without looking. Spread all the other cards out bubble side up. Turn the starting card over, image side up and carefully examine the different places you can visit. Each place is unique and indicated by a clear bubble.

Once you choose the area you want to explore, take the card with the matching bubble and turn it over in front of you, this will reveal more places you can visit! As you explore, try to visit all the right places to find all the star cards shown on the objective cards.

If you come across a card with a red square, that is a dead-end card – there is nothing to find here! Try to avoid these if you can.

Your adventure ends when you have found all the star cards shown on the objective card.


Bubble stories can be played solo. There are plenty of different adventures and you can re-do each adventure from the start, as many times as you want!

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