Colt Express Big Box


It’s the biggest train robbery!

Discover the wonderful wild west once again with the base game, and two expansions in one box. Plus, Silk, a brand-new dastardly bandit has crashed into town.

What’s in the box?

The big box contains Colt Express the base game, as well as the two expansions; horses and Stagecoach and Marshal and Prisoners that add many modules of play.

How to play

With the Colt Express base game and two expansions all in one big box, this pack adds several modules of play that you can add to the base game. There is also a brand new bandit, Silk, included in this box.

Follow the rules of Colt Express, add your expansions and play for hours!


A brand new bandit character is included exclusively in this box!

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2 -9



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