Colt Express: Couriers and Armored Train

All aboard for another adventure! The famous bandits are after top secret documents. Jump from train to train as the shots ring out! This expansion features a second 3D train, two new bandits, a double team mode and even an AI bandit!

What’s in the box?

  • The Armored Train
  • 21 Round Cards
  • 9 Nudge Cards
  • 10 Neutral Bullet Cards
  • 5 Bags Tokens
  • 2 Purses Tokens
  • 1 Strongbox Token
  • 3 Golden Nugget Tokens
  • 3 Secret Documents Tokens
  • 26 Il Professore Cards
  • 2 x 23 Bandit Cards
  • 2 Bandit Pawns
  • 1 Character Sheet
  • 1 Horse Pawn (can only be used with the Horses & Stagecoach expansion)

How to play:

In this expansion, you play a Bandit member of one of two teams – blue or red – fighting for Loots. Your goal is to be part of the richest team at the end of the game.

The game consists of 5 Rounds, each one divided in the 2 usual phases: Schemin’ (the plan), then Stealin’ (the actions). During the Schemin’ phase, Bandits can communicate, but remember than your opponents can hear you. During the Stealin’ phase, Bandits cannot communicate. Each Bandit must decide on their own what to do with the Action card played or the Nudge card.

With this expansion there are 2 Special Turns you can take, Diversion and Action Plan.

At the end of every Round and after completing the end of Round event, move the Starting Train 2 Cars from the Armored Train and complete the End of Rounds Events:

  • Couriers in movement
  • Heavy fire
  • Swivel Arm
  • Help!
  • Coordinated Action plan
  • Heal

Some differences in the Actions with this expansion include:

  • Punch – when punching, you can now send your target to the adjacent Car of the other Train, on the same floor
  • Move – inside a train, you can move one Car back or forth in your train or move to the adjacent Car of the other train.
  • Fire – inside the train, if your Car is adjacent to the Car of the Train in front of you, you can also shoot a Bandit or a Courier located inside that Car.
  • Nudge – this new Action is specific to the Couriers & Armored Train expansion and to team play. During the Action phase, the Bandit who has played the Nudge card gives one of their team members one Action from the base game.
  • Robbery – use this action to randomly take 1 Loot on your position. Place it face down on your Bandit sheet, you can look at its value
    Il Professore has a list of his own specific actions.

At the end of the game, only Bandits located in the Starting Train add their tally to their team’s total.


This expansion brings two new Bandits and an entire second Train into play to bring a whole new experience to the base game!

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Weight 1.12 kg
Dimensions 6.8 × 30.4 × 30.2 cm



3 – 8



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