Cosmic Race

Intergalactic pilots, it’s your time to shine! Line up to participate in the super space race. But, pay attention to other spaceships, asteroids and other obstacles that can slow you down. Cross the finish line and collect the most stars to win!

3…2…1..lift off!

What’s in the box?

  • Four control panels
  • Four player spaceships
  • Five obstacle spaceships
  • Nine steering tiles
  • Seven track tiles + one fuel station tile
  • 20 star tokens
  • Four trophies
  • Six bonus tokens
  • One LOKI figure

How to play:

The goal of the game is to gain as many points as possible by winning a trophy and gaining stars along the race track.

On your turn you can:

Decide to reveal a tile, and apply its effect, then leave it face up and make a new decision. OR decide to stop, flip the tiles face down. You can reveal as many steering tokens as you like.

Your turn ends if you bump into an obstacle or if it moves off the race track. You would then lose one of your star tokens. These tokens can now be taken by a player on a future turn.

Obstacles are other space ships, and asteroids that are drawn on the race track.

Star tokens give you points that help you win the race, they are worth 1,2,3 or 5 points. When you reach the fuel station, all players can select a bonus token to help you along the race track.

The game ends when all players have crossed the finish line. Players then add up their points from the star tokens they collected.


Cosmic Race is part of the LOKI range designed especially for kids! This game can also be played solo!

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Additional information

Weight 1.14 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 7 cm



1 – 4



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