Crazy Tower

Will it topple or hold fast!

With careful hands, concentrate and work together to build up a safe structure. All players, except for one…the traitor. Can they make the tower collapse on another players turn? Or is the tower secure?

What’s in the box?

  • 28 Wooden Blocks
  • 21 floor cards
  • One rulebook

How to play

Your heart is pounding, you have to add another Block to the tethering tower… will it hold together, or will it collapse?

The goal is simple, build a stable structure! This would be much easier for the Architects if there wasn’t someone trying to sabotage the structure! Be the first player to place all their blocks, without collapsing the tower.

The floor cards have different symbols that correspond to different rules which must be followed when placing blocks.

There are different modes of play depending on how many players there are.

  1. Competitive mode
    1. Each player takes 7 blocks in the same colour. Then players place one of their blocks on the highest floor card of the tower.
    2. Then take the first floor card from the stack, lay it on the tower, then put a block on then put a block on the new floor.
    3. The game ends when a player places their last block, or the tower collapses.
  2. Saboteur mode
    1. Each player takes seven blocks of the same colour.
    2. Choose a player to be the saboteur, and they play against the other players who work as a team.
    3. Whoever causes the tower to collapse looses.
  3. Solo
    1. Choose a challenge at the end of the rulebook and play with 1,2 or 3 colours, whichever you choose.
    2. Collapse the tower and you lose!


Crazy Tower can be played three different ways!

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Dimensions 21.6 × 11.8 × 10.4 cm

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