Communicate safely! Join the greatest Encryptor team in the world!

Your mission: transmit secret codes to your teammates without letting the opposing team intercept.

Decrypto is a “scramble communication” game: you must give clues to your teammates that are precise enough so they can understand you, but vague enough to make sure your opponents don’t get the message…

What’s in the box?

  • 110 keyword cards
  • One sand timer
  • Two screens
  • Eight tokens
  • 48 code cards
  • 50 note sheets

How to play:

Each round, both teams appoint one of their members to be the Encryptor, whose job is to transmit a secret three-digit code to their teammates without the opposing team intercepting the code.

To transmit their codes (a sequence of three numbers, like 4-2-1), each team has four keywords numbered 1 to 4 that all team members can see, but are hidden from the opposing team. These remain the same for the duration of the game. To transmit their three-digit code, the Encryptor comes up with three clues (one per digit). Each clue refers to one keyword.

The clues are written on the three lines of the current round on their team’s note sheet.

Both team’s Encryptors read their three clues out loud and give their teammates the note sheet.

The members of both teams quietly discuss the clues, trying to work out the code. When the members of one of the teams think that they have solved the code, they write the number down.

Both teams attempt an interception by reading out the three-digit code that they have written, hoping to match the other team’s code.

If you succeed in guessing the opposing team’s code, you win an Interception Token. If a team isn’t able to guess the code given by their own Encryptor, they receive a Miscommunication Token.

Over the course of the game, if you manage to get two Interception Tokens, your team wins! If you get two Miscommunication Tokens, your team loses…


For further secret coding fun, try the expansion Decrypto: Laserdrive!

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Scorpion Masque


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