Downforce: Wild Ride

Clear the road! Here comes the new expansion for Downforce, introducing two new tracks: Aloha Sands and Savanna Stretch! Pass the other cars by speeding on the jumps, and avoid wild animals crossing the road. A copy of Downforce is required to play.

What’s in the box?

  • One double-sided game board
  • Eight ramps
  • Three animal tokens

How to play:

There are two new tracks to play – each adding new mechanics to the gameplay.

Aloha Sands features ramps. If you hit them just right, you can catch some air and zoom ahead of the pack.

  • A car may use a ramp only if the car’s movement on the played card is equal to or higher than the number on the ramp AND the car has at least 1 space of movement remaining AND the ramp’s landing space is empty.
  • If none of these conditions are met, the car may not use the ramp continuing to move in the next available empty space.
  • Cars may use multiple ramps in one turn.

Savannah Stretch features wild animals stampeding across the track. You must avoid the animals as they rumble through the course.

  • Each animal occupies a space outlined by their colour on the board. Animals block movement into the spaces, just like a car.
  • At the end of a turn in which at least one car has passed an animal’s line, that animal moves to its next open space on the board. If it is in its last space on the track, remove it from the board.
  • Once an animal leaves its space, cars may enter that space as if it were a regular space.
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Additional information

Weight 0.84 kg
Dimensions 2 × 27.6 × 27.6 cm



2 – 6



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