The Gods have illuminated the sky with constellations. But who is the mortal amongst the Gods? Can they remain hidden, or will the false images confuse those without divine inspiration? Keep your eyes open, as not all will be as it seems…

What’s in the box?

  • One game board
  • Two God tracks
  • 20 God markers
  • Four mortal markers
  • Six crescent moons
  • 18 stars
  • 72 dream cards
  • Four image numbers
  • Six star-shaped selection tokens

How to play:

The game is played over several rounds. Each round consists of the following phases:

  • Lay out dreams: lay out 4 dream cards face up arranged as a square on the game board. Place one image number on a corner of each card.
  • Determine the vision & the mortal: each player is dealt a God/mortal marker. Now have a look at your own God marker. Don‘t let any other player know what you see on your marker.
  • Place stars: the player who dealt out the God markers begins. They place one star on the game board. After that, players continue until all players have placed their 3 stars.
  • Guess & resolve: now, all players secretly indicate their own guess on the uncovered prong of their own selection token. Each God guesses the player colour of the mortal. The mortal guesses the image number of the true vision. Everyone reveals their guesses!
  • Record points on the God track: you are rewarded with God points for correct guesses and smart laying-out of the stars. Each player records their points by advancing their own crescent moon piece on the God’s track. If nobody has reached 16 God points yet, play continues.

The game ends with the completion of the game round in which (at least) one player reaches 16 Gods points.

The player who is in the lead on the God track is the (almost) immortal winner of the game!

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