Farm and Furious

Farm, furious and fun! From barnyard bunnies to daring ducklings, all the animals in the farm are ready to race. Teammates bark each other on as the race begins!

Play smart and make sure the right animals run at the right time to cross the finish line first and claim victory!

What’s in the box?

  • Six team carrot cards
  • Six team corn cards
  • Six team pepper cards
  • Six team eggplant cards
  • Six team leek cards
  • Three racetrack cards
  • One starting line card
  • One finish line box
  • Five baton pawns

How to play:

The goal of the game is to play your cards at the right time to move your baton pawn and cross the finish line first.

Place the starting line and racetrack cards as well as the finish line box in the middle of the table.

All players play at the same time first choosing a card, then applying the effect of that card. The effects are as follows;

  1. Duckling – move your baton pawn one space for each duckling played
  2. Chicken – move your baton pawn three spaces if no one played a dog this turn
  3. Bunny – move your baton pawn four spaces if no one played the dog and you are the only player that played a bunny
  4. Dog – cancel effects of chicken and bunny, move your baton pawn as many spaces forward as cancelled this turn.
  5. Whistle – At the end of the turn, take all cards you have played and add them back to your hand.
  6. Rooster (variant) – Copy the card you played last turn.

The game ends when a player crosses the finish line.


Farm and Furious is part of two different game variants that add a little extra challenge to the game!

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Additional information

Weight 1.08 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14.2 × 15.6 cm



2 – 5



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