Fish ‘n’ Flip

Cut the nets, release the fish! Cleverly combine the powers of your animals and work together to create the best combos and free the animals caught in the nets.

The more nets that you manage to empty, the more points you will score. Watch out for the hazardous waste!

What’s in the box?

  • 120 cards
    • 79 Marine Animal Cards (10 whale, swordfish, octopus, turtle, dolphin, jellyfish and ray cards, and 9 shark cards)
    • 1 Boat Card
    • 20 Action Cards
    • 12 Waste Cards (6 plastic, 3 metal, 3 oil)
    • 8 Power Cards (1 for each animal)

How to play:

Various animals have been caught in fishing nets: players will have to work together and program their actions in order to free them. The more nets you manage to empty by the end of the game, the more points you’ll score.

Your turn consists of 4 steps:

  1. Moving animals – On your turn, use one of your action cards to form groups of animals, then discard the card and draw a new one
  2. Freeing animals – You may free all groups consisting of at least 2 adjacent animals of the same type that are swimming in the same direction
  3. Lowering animals – Lower the remaining animal cards towards the bottom of the net
  4. Refilling the nets – Starting from the left, add one new card to the top of each column. If new groups of animals are formed during this step, they are not freed

When the final card is added to the play area and the draw pile of animal cards is empty, the end of the game is triggered. The two next players in turn order each get one final action to try and free as many animals as possible. After that, the game is over. Count the number of animals that are still caught in the nets: the lower the number, the better your score will be!


There is a Competitive Version of play in which players have to fend for themselves. For an even bigger challenge, try the Campaign Mode and go through all the missions together.

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Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 15.8 × 10 × 4.8 cm



1 – 4



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