A Fistful of Daisies

It’s a cow fight! In the valley of Herens, the flowers are delicious and perfect for eating. In this dice drafting game, cows battle each other to win these tasty treats then make it back to the cowshed first. But beware, some cows may challenge you to a duel!

Nothing will stop them from getting a fistful of daisies!

What’s in the box?

  • One large pen gameboard
  • Four cow figurines
  • Four dice including one special die
  • 45 grass tokens
  • 18 clover tokens
  • Four personal boards
  • Four player aid tiles
  • One duel token

How to play:

You are an alpine cow strolling through the meadow and munch on the flowers on your personal board. You will need to defend your little patch of greenery when other cows try to taste your daisies.

The first player rolls the dice inside the pen and choose one (except the special die) to place on their personal board. Once the die has been chosen, the player either moves their cow clockwise the number spaces on the die, or leave their cow on the space.

Once you are on a space you can;

  • Eat a flower – you cover a flower matching the colour of the space occupied by the cow with a grass token on your personal board.
  • Eat a clover – you take a clover token and place it next to their player aid tile. Once you get four clover tokens you can replace it with a flower.

If a cow moves to an occupied space, that cow provokes a duel! Put two cows in the en horn to horn, then press down on their tail ends untll they flip. Whoever’s cow lands with the most spots facing up, wins the duel. And wins clover tokens.

The game ends when a player has retrieved all the flowers from their personal board, then made it back to the cowshed space. At the end of the final round, all players with their personal boards full and back in the cowshed win!


A Fistful of Daisies has a strategic variant for an extra challenge and a two-player variant.

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Additional information

Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 5 × 20.6 × 20.4 cm

Space Cow


2 – 4



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