Flashback Zombie Kidz

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Z-z-zombie flashback! Be transported back into the world of Zombie Kidz to lead an investigation through pictures to foil the zombies’ nefarious plans! Piece together the story, uncover clues, decipher mysteries, and answer the final questions. Understanding the past, could help you save the future… Good luck!

What’s in the box?

  • 80 Large Story Cards
  • 30 Small Special Cards
  • 2 Envelopes
  • 1 Surprise Box

How to play:

With the help of your team, solve the Mysteries that you will discover throughout the Memory. Each Memory is a single second frozen in time. Everything you see belongs to the past.

With Story Cards you can travel from one point of view to another from all those you can see on the card. You can see what another character sees, whether it’s a zombie, animal, or even some objects, like cameras! To do this, simply flip the card that has the number of the point of view you’d like to see.

You will sometimes see special symbols. You will find all the cards with special symbols in the two Special Card decks, some require special tools, “Gizmos”, to be flipped over otherwise they cannot be examined!
In the Special card deck you will find cards with special symbols, which are Mysteries to solve. When you discover one, read it out loud to everyone. You can discuss and formulate theories, but you won’t need to have the answers until the end of the game.

When you have flipped over all the cards from a Memory, you will have everything you need to solve the Mysteries. Reread each Mystery and give your team’s final answer. Once you have done this, look at the solutions at the end of the rulebook. For each correct answer, put a tick in the box with the brain, if you manage to tick all the boxes, congratulations! You’ve played a perfect game!


Flashback Zombie Kidz comes with three sets of memories and Mysteries to be solved, but if you complete these, open the Mystery Booklet where even more riddles await!

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Scorpion Masque


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