Forbidden Sky

Soar to dizzying heights in this electrifying cooperative adventure! Work as a team to explore a mysterious platform that floats at the centre of a savage storm.

Connect a circuit of cables to launch a secret rocket – all before you are struck by lightning or blown off to the depths below. It’s a high-wire act that will test your team’s capacity for courage and cooperation. One false step and you all could be grounded… permanently!

What’s in the box?

  • 37 tiles
  • 36 cards
  • 32 circuit components
  • 13 meter clips
  • Six wooden pawns
  • One storm meter and stand
  • A starting grid
  • One rocket

How to play:

On every turn, do the following things in order:

Take up to 4 actions:

  • Move: move your pawn to an adjacent tile.
  • Scout: draw the top tile from the power platform draw pile and place it face up in front of you (up to a 3 tile limit).
  • Explore: place one of your tiles onto the platform, adjacent to the tile that your pawn is on.
  • Wire: add a physical wire to a circuit component attached to your tile so that it connects to another circuit component.

Storm Cards: Draw cards from the storm draw pile equal to the storm intensity level on the storm meter. Reveal and resolve the cards one at a time.

To win the game, get to the launch pad! Once you have wired the required components into a circuit (except one final wire that you’ll use to take off), first place the rocket onto the launch pad. Make sure you’re all on the rocket, and as a final step, add the last wire to complete the circuit and launch the rocket for the win!

You’ll lose the game if:

  • Electrocuted: if the clip on any player’s health meter reaches the skull and crossbones.
  • Fall: if the clip on any player’s rope meter reaches the skull and crossbones.
  • Swept away: if the clip on the Storm meter reaches the skull and crossbones.
  • Abandoned: if the rocket takes off before everyone is on a launch pad tile.

Forbidden Sky reinforces strategic thinking, visual discrimination and cooperation.

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Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 7.2 × 29.6 × 29.4 cm



2 – 5



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