Get on Board

Ah, here’s the bus, hop aboard!

Just like every trip, you are fascinated by the other passengers on board, each have different destinations and this bus line is truly special…

Transport passengers safely and strategically leaving your opponent’s stuck in traffic as you plot the ideal route. Gain the most points to win this urban strategy game. Will you be able to transport everyone safe and sound?

What’s in the box?

  • One double sided board (one London side and one New York side)
  • 50 double sided player sheets
  • 160 route markers

How to play

You have 12 rounds to build the best bus line in town. Each round, reveal a new card that shows all players the route shape they must complete. Take the passengers to their destination, avoid traffic, and gain as many victory points as possible.

Each round has four phases

  1. New bus ticket – The Inspector reveals the top card of the bus ticket deck and places it face up on the discard space. Each player now crosses of one of the two boxes of the matching colour at the top of their play sheet, this dictates the route they will plot in the next phase.
  2. Plot route – to do this; place route markers creating the shape of the route, also following the route creation instructions. (don’t double back!) At this point you will need to;
    1. Avoid traffic jams as much as possible
    2. Speed up your ETA with green lights
    3. No doubling back on yourself

Then you can board the bus! For each passenger or place you reach with your markers, during the plot route step this round, cross passengers off your list that correspond to the passenger markers on the board.

  1. Check common objectives – check if you have completed any common objectives this round.
  2. Change inspector!

To end the game, count up your points following the guidelines, the highest score wins!


This game tests your strategic plotting skills.

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Dimensions 20.6 × 6 × 20.6 cm



2 – 5



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