Just Wild

An endangered species territory battle. To survive in the wild, the lynx, bear, wolf and ibex must cleverly share space. Play cards strategically to protect your territory to ensure the survival of your species. But watch out, opponents will try to block your land!

What’s in the box?

  • 80 cards numbered 1 to 10
    • 20 lynx cards
    • 20 wolf cards
    • 20 ibex cards
    • 20 bear cards
  • 24 animal tokens
    • 6 of each species

How to play:

In nature, you have to learn how to deal with other species, because in the end it’s every animal for itself! Strategically place down your animal cards, claim certain types of terrain, and create the biggest territory to win!

On your turn, you must place a card on the table. If you play a special card, you may place one of your tokens. You may choose to:

  • Play a card face up by covering two half cards. The value of the card you play must be equal to the sum of the values on the covered cards. You are not allowed to cover a single card.
  • Play a card face down, if you can’t or don’t want to cover any cards, you must play one card from your hand face down on the table. You must place it adjacent to a card that was played previously. These cards can be covered on future turns according to the normal rules.

The game doesn’t end at the same time for all players. When you play your final card, calculate your points: each half card of your species that’s still visible scores you one point. Write down yours core immediately: this number is your final score, even if your cards are covered by other players later. The player with the highest score wins the game!


Just Wild aims to raise awareness about endangered animals and protecting their habitats.

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