It’s time to pick some mushrooms!

Roll the dice and gather 3 members of a mushroom family on your turn. Sounds easy, but you can only see other players cards and your decisions weigh on the dice.

How to Play

Each player secretly draws a colour card corresponding to a family of Mushrooms and receives a hand of three mushroom cards.

On your turn; roll the three dice, then choose one of them.

The result of that dice (number or icon) determines that players action; exchange two cards, swap two sets of cards, pick any card secretly etc.

To win the round, be the first player to gather the three members of your family on your turn.

This seems easy but the trick is that you can only see your opponents cards, and your decisions are limited by rolling the dice. To make it even more tricky, each round, one family of mushrooms turns out to be poisonous. Having a card of that colour in your hand when the rround stops will score you negative points.


Kinoko tests your deduction skills!


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