Restore the greatness of the Kitara Empire! You’ll have more options the more territories you control. Strengthen your army of hunters, cheetah-centaurs and heroes and go to war!

What’s in the box?

  • Two boards
  • 20 wooden pieces in each of the four player colours
  • One first player marker
  • Four kingdom sheets
  • Two kingdom card decks
  • 39 hero tokens
  • One fabric bag

How to play:

On your turn, play the following five phases in this order. Then, the player to your left takes their turn.

  • Draft: choose one kingdom card to draft from among the face-up cards next to the deck.
  • Recruit: the second row of your drafted card will have 0-3 pawn symbols. Take each pawn indicated by the drafted card’s symbols from your supply and place them in any board spaces you already occupy.
  • Move: the third row of the cards in your kingdom will have a number of move symbols. Each move symbol allows you to make one movement. You are not required to use all of your moves. Attacking and retreating occur during the move phase.
  • Score: the fourth row on the cards in your kingdom will have a number of score symbols. Score one prosperity point for each score symbol on your cards.
  • Manage: each card in your kingdom represents people who must be fed. If the card is not fed, those people get angry and leave your kingdom.

If during the draft phase you reveal an Age 5 card, the end of the game is triggered. Continue to play until all players have played the same number of turns. Finally, each player takes one last turn.

The player with the most prosperity points wins the game!

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