Decrypto Laserdrive (Expansion)

The world of communication enters a new era thanks to Laser Discs! This cutting-edge technology promises to reinvent how we communicate with each other. The future is now in Decrypto: Laserdrive – the expansion to the amazing Decrypto!

A copy of Decrypto is required to play.

What’s in the box?

  • 53 drive cards
  • Six laser tokens
  • Two interception tokens

How to play:

Set up as you would to play the base game. Shuffle the drive cards and place them in a facedown pile in the middle of the table. Place the laser tokens near the Interception and Miscommunication tokens.

At the beginning of each turn, reveal a drive card. Each Encryptor must make sure that at least one of their three clues respects the category on the drive card. For example, if it calls for a movie title, at least one of the three clues must be a movie title.

If none of your clues correspond to the category, you receive a Miscommunication token. A clue must fully comply with the drive card’s category – you cannot add or make anything up!

An Encryptor can, if they wish, use three clues that correspond to the required category. If they do so, their team receives a laser token immediately after the clues have been read (it does not depend on the success of your communication).

A team may never have more than three laser tokens. At the end of every round you may attempt to guess one of the opposing team’s keywords to earn an Interception token. To do this, simply announce your intent to do so, and return two of your laser tokens to the supply.

The opposing team must immediately decide whether they will do the same  When making an attempt, you must specify which keyword you are targeting, and say a single word.

If you guess the keyword exactly, you receive an Interception token. If not, nothing happens.

A team may now end a round (and the game) with three Interception tokens, even though only two are required to win.

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Scorpion Masque


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